ThanksGiving Day Prayer

Deal with karma and Trauma Embrace Emotions truth and faith Gratitude #dmr

honor earth one another the animals plants fish and life love and forgiveness harmony and peace trust and loyalty GOD Bless enjoy little share a lot. Choose fear or love? I love I choose love! #dmr


Mind Control? Or #Control the MIND! #Matter I Don’t, Dont matter I do …. #GOD #FAMILY #LOVE Forgiveness is KEY we should love #Earth and each other ourselves! #integrity #farm #ranch #thesystem #thematrix #thefoundation #theestablishment #thefirm #thefranchise #thecastle #theland #theloyal #THEGOD #TheFAMILY #THEKingdom #thepassion #thanksgiving is giving thanks NeverGiveUp! 13002 later #FBI #CIA #DEA #DHS #DOD #gov I pray for all who can’t be home today! I pray for all traveling today! I pray for you I pray for us I pray for all humans who are brave enough to stand for something I pray for all who are to scared about to give up and did! I stand for LIFE LOVE FAMILY Forgiveness TRUST TRUTH Loyalty!

Remember 10 Commandments universal laws! It’s that simple! Be good be great at it! Balance is key! Good and evil order and chaos trust me I have seen it all! I know what’s gonna happen next! God Bless @usarmy @usnavy @usairforce @uscg @marines @dhsgov @deptofdefense @deptvetaffairs your nation our nation your state our state! Your people our people! Amen 🙏🏾 since I don’t have anyone to share today with this is my MetaDayPray metaVerseThanksGiving @SpaceForceDOD

GOD Bless Brothers & Sisters
1998-2018 Surfman374
I did the best I could
And Still Am ❤️🤍💙✝️🌎

Happy Thanksgiving Love you Dad misses all of you today… GOD bless you all

Love is the answer 🙏🏾🫶❤️‼️🌎❤️‍🩹 I’m thankful for these humans and the love we share family is the most important thing on earth besides taking care of our planet and showing love to each other… GOD gave us life today be thankful for the life you have and created I’m thankful for that! #dadlife

We have to live life like it is a true love story! ⚖️ IMO alive loving and forgiving #love #like Chaos VS Order Balance Mind Body Soul Amen 🙏🏾 Energy Vibration 💡

GOD Bless you all today

I’m just healing and becoming ONE becoming whole to better be Service to Self and Loving Others Self forgiveness Self Acceptance Forgiveness of others and myself I want my flow through body and soul to be smooth as a beautiful day at sea… to be better connected to the universe so I’m hopeful through helping myself im helping others through this honesty we are the Son and Daughters of the Alpha Omega so I’m becoming prepared in my self vibrancy light 💡 my life cycle 🔁

Become ONE in the Moment

“It comes down to soul…. No longer living in body loosing everything taught me nothing matters but love and harmony master that you win every day! Balancing Good Vs Bad Chaos and Order DMR ⚖️ when you know, you hold the scales you win every battle within GOD bless you all everyday and night”! #chaosandorder #loveandharmony #GoodVsEvil #dmr @dmramsey ☯️

IMO – Gods knows I will post it! “not everyone wants to sprout most people stay as seeds in the dark never seeing the light”!

When ya grow ya know 💡 🌱 ☀️


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