13,000 posts later

That’s a lot of time and money knowledge and research I dumped into Instagram 13,000 posts “master keys to success” gateway to my subconscious what I created in my metaverse mostly from dreams daily thought trials and tribulations my revelation my journey my craft…. How I lost 220lbs total learned to walk again, sober, what I love what I enjoy who I am #13k #13000post #dmr healing can happen never give up, have a why! Set short term goals! Do it sober and you will become one #instagram #love #success #research #money

Trust me I did it to show others the way how I healed how I got out of the cloud of pills remembered who I am and what I came from to who I am! Light and vibrations saved my ass! Music definitely helped! Love is the answer 13K

Surfman374 DMR
Nevertheless Never Give up

Be the first time in my whole life I’m not eating thanksgiving with Shipmates, Family, or Friends. Hell I’m not even eating thanksgiving lmfao not to mention my birthday, christmas, new years no kids.

Sad 😞 nothing like being alone let me tell ya! I love GOD definitely want a loving family and better friends that’s for sure

Family? What’s that even mean? Love? Is it a joke? My souls asking…. Love ain’t real family don’t give a fuck and I need better friends that’s for sure

I want family and friends that actually show up, 13,001 post later and I lost it all life sucks!

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