Healing cost me everything

What is really Tuff, this year will be the first year I won’t have shipmates, family, or friends for thanksgiving birthday or christmas ugh … Is love real? Is family real? Sure don’t feel anything this year! That’s for sure I miss my exwife and kids

I wanna make the fat bastard sitting behind a screen monitor shadow banning me do some sit-ups and push-ups! Fuck social media it’s all shadow banned ran by centers and fuck Tards not to mention liars cheaters hackers and AI that can suck my dick!

Never Fall Back

GOD bless you all hope you all have a blessed day… from BMC Surfman374

Remember your only as good as your boatcrew 🇺🇸⚖️❤️‍🩹🤍🌎 1998-2018

BootCamp HOTEL153
Port Clarence 1998-1999
Station Umpqua / Siuslaw 99-02
Cape D 02-08
NMLBS 08-09
Cape D / Sector Astoria 09-11
Sector CorpusChristi 11-17
Station Sabine Pass 17-18

Retired Corpus Christi, Texas


Trust me I saved 100’s of 1000’s of lives… I just wish it didn’t cost me a 3rd marriage, or time lost with my kids. Maybe someone can help? Maybe my family and friendships can be made whole again? That would be my dream come true, god knows it cost me my company, my tournament, my hobby, panga, and dreams.



“I want the love of my life” and my kids Christmas Wish 2022

I will never forget the lessons learned at Chiefs Academy graduated “AltusTendo”. My career in the United States Coast Guard as Surfman374, BMCRAMSEY was epic filled with many amazing shipmates, tons of training, and unbelievable missions from AfrasGoldMedal to AirForce NCOA, BootCamp HOTEL153 to 100 miles north of Nome Alaska for a Year. The Oregon and Washington Coast to Texas. East Coast to West Coast Homeland Security to Cyber Security. Global War on Terrorism, to fighting the “War on Drugs”, Human Trafficking to Port Security running the Gun Range on Shore to 240Bravo Machine Gun Course offshore oil spills to Hurricanes working with everyone from CIA, to DEA, FBI to CBP, Texas Rangers to Marines, Army, Navy, And National Guard. From the Texas Game Wardens, to National Fish and Wildlife. NMFS to Local EMS. Definitely was never a dull moment in my 20 years 1998-2018. From Gold Medal at WhiteHouse to Retirement in Sabine Pass Texas.


10 major surgeries to now living sober. Literally 3 lumbar Fusions, cervical fusion, both shoulders rebuilt, right knee, and both wrist. Trust me Never Give Up! Even I got rocked tried to end my life 3 times worse n active duty twice because divorce and the third the night before retirement I didn’t know how I was gonna provide for my family. And even had to learn to walk again twice. Lost a total of 220lbs because surgeries. Was on 26 prescriptions, but now since retired I’m sober. And thank GOD alive. I love my children, and definitely love my exwife. GOD Bless America we definitely pay the price. Freedom ain’t Free BTW never Give up! On your hero! Never leave us alone, we deserve love. We deserve the best family and friends. We deserve medical care and so do our wives and children. Imo that should always be the priority, because when we go home we bring a lot of stress. Who helps the ones who keep home safe while we keep you safe?

and for the record I still love my ex wife! She and her family and friends never have I been better taken care f or was my children. She is love love is the answer I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me what love is! So here’s to me being honest with the world! I love you Ashley


I wish I had a group of people who I could trust to help me with this…. The only person who did is unfortunately now my exwife. For the record I love her and miss her. And honestly without a family to provide too it’s why I don’t hunt and spearfish these days. Let me tell y’all what sobriety and the choices made along the road to recovery mental health healing after 20 years military service definitely should not have cost me my marriage my company our this tournament or way to many years lost with my children. @dmramsey #sober #fieldnotes #soberopscourse #soberspearfishing #soberhunting #sobersouls #saltysoul #dmr #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #saltysoulspearfishingteam #saltysoulspearfishing #queso @eightyhdmusic @chriswebby @dmramsey Instagram

Click to enjoy Queso

Another true story! Your only as good as your boat crew #Surfman374 🇺🇸


truestory I dont lie! Since I retired from 20 years military in 2018 it’s been a Royal shit show…. The last 4 years cost me my marriage GatorGrippHD rigsreefclassicspearfishing 3 federal investigations lmfao no joke and 100 days jail time plus 18 months probation now I have 14 months and will be a totally free man January 8 2024 trust me pretty sad I’ve been accused of working with cartel my company extorted me bribed me and sent me death threats got accused f capital riots bombs and gun manufacturing wrote about HempGuideToHealthyEating and got raided by a tactical team lmfao two baker acts back to back Easter 2020 / 2021 then county jail Easter week 2022 let me tell ya! I never did anything but call for help and ask for help. Yes I made one bad decision should have stopped when I got the cops to follow me home to the real scene of a crime! Thy cost me big time but hey my record will be cleared now I’m single and ain’t seen my oldest daughter since 2019 son since 2020 middle daughter 2021 and my 3 year old daughter but an hour last 10 months sucks but hey I’m glad I wasn’t working with cartel! Definitely never was involved with capital riots hell I got a gold medal there saved 100’s of 1000’s of lives in my 20 years as Surfman374 honest to god! #dmr this should have never cost me my love my best friend my now ex wife…. True story! Should end with a true love story a come back!

Afrasgoldmedal Washington DC
Dinner time is a good time for Whataburger so is breakfast btw by the bay! CorpusChristi Texas ‼️🫶❤️🇺🇸🙌 #surfman374 #burgertime #burgers #spicyketchup white chocolate raspberry shake is amazing btw thanks y’all
I believe in miracles life love and truth

Sounds good. I’m not gonna say his name but he definitely has been a blessing for my ex wife and kids and me as well. I love him and her there kids and family unfortunately I’ve lost all contact with my ex wives family and her for that matter and all our friends and my family since I started this very healing journey in 2018. I’m sure you have read my posts to me I would rather be honest with my self unfortunately SoberLife healing it cost me everything from the company I CoOwned, my Spearfishing Tournament, my marriage, our friends even family have all turned away from me. Pretty sad considering I was on 26 prescriptions when I retired, learned to walk again after 10 major surgeries, yes used cannabis for two years then hemp for a year but now almost a year no hemp, over a year no alcohol, and almost 4 no pills. Not that I was ever classified drug or alcohol abusive dependent but I was diagnosed anxiety depression insomnia ptsd (from 20 years of saving around 30,000 lives I’m a Surfman the 374th since 1790) and was a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, who specifically did cyber security national security port security anti terrorism human trafficking and counter narcotics work. So let me tell ya been hell since I retired because for some reason the government put me through 4 federal investigations to include militia, cartel, bombs, guns, drugs, and human trafficking Lmfao trust me I had nothing to do with any of it! Heck my own company extorted me, bribed me, even sent me death threats. So if your wondering where all the truth and total clarity comes from it’s because I’ve been put through the trials and tribulations that’s for dang sure

As you can see I’m brutally honest but these days to me that’s the only way to be


Definitely wish I was still married specially since she was my third wife the first two cheated on me that’s an easy one to let go lmfao cheaters liars thieves haters suck!

GOD , GRACE & Gratitude praying often trust me
Me time

I don’t know what’s worse? Knowing I’m sober or having to take a 3rd Fucken pisstest in a week! LMFAO!!! Texas your waisting your time and money fucking me over! I’m sober you fucktards! And none of this would have happened if you assholes would have responded properly! True story! I ate HEMP ! Been 14 months since I had a drink! Over two years cannabis, 3.5 plus Fucken years no pills! And I ain’t never hurt my ex wives! Yes I got up set said a few bad words! But Fucken truth is truth! Someone stole my company! Someone accused me of bombs, guns, cartel! Some asshole thought it would be cool to duck up my life! I hate liars cheaters thieves hackers haters and fucktards! It’s gonna be fun showing some asshole the truth! I’m sober been sober never had a drinking or drug problem just was healing and lost my tournament my company my hobby my family fucken retirement life sucks when you have someone telling false shit! I never hurt a woman in my last life so fuck family violence! So sick and tired of other people controlling my life! When I’m the one who asked the VA for help in 2019! I’m the one telling the GOD DAMNED TRuth! I’m the one praying 24/7 for freedom! Because this shitshow cost me my Fucken kids, my guns, my family! And honestly I don’t trust anyone anymore! True story! Fuck haters

Remember I actually called for help! Fuck this shitshow
Amen GOD of Gods LORD of Lords! heaven angels jinn humans remember what comes around goes around so your fucked not me! GOD has my SIX , Three , and NINE surfman 374 BMC Ramsey

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