Love & Forgiveness


True story something you narcissist’s should do more! As an Empath I pray for you! Trust me I paid the ultimate price for anxiety depression insomnia ptsd! Cost me everything learning about sobriety being honest with myself. Showing love to myself and others. I pray for anyone who has to deal with liars cheaters and thieves, these days it’s a selfish world! More should be thankful for those who love loves who would lay down everything for others. More people should learn to forgive and love focus on wholeheartedly being good to one another learning to never trigger push abuse or hate! Destroying betrayal all of the above. Be real be raw be honest be loyal be loving forgiveness is Tuff but rising above is key remember what you say or do comes back! What you put into life and others shines brighter or darker truth will always set you free… I will always love you. #sorry and I will show my children what a #father stands for we are #human we make #mistakes but we are all capable of #loveandforgiveness #love #learning #people

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