Would make a epic movie

Trust me I was the Ops down here from 2011-2018 I’ve been trained to be the best I’m Surfman374 the 374th since 1790, a very special human who’s saved literally 30,000 lives. To include my own I got a gold medal from congress at the whitehouse. So I know GOD and the right people know the truth

OPS normal DMR

Btw don’t be trying to dope me! I’m sober! I know what I’m doing I love a real honest life! GOD Bless America! IM SOBER the VA has my blood work! The state has my pisstests! I’m sober! I will not lie about that! So if you drugged my food, my drinks, my cupcakes, my cookies, or the Beaver nuggets we will find out! I’m not going down for something I never did! GOD see’s everything

Trust me I wrote reports to the situation room! I was a direct link to the whitehouse you must have forgotten who I am lmfao


Special Operations Never forgets neither does the CIA

Well considering I have my opinion on what’s happened lmfao I say that because I feel no one was listening too me when I was getting hunted down and setup true story why on earth was I investigated for let’s see?

Capital Riots militia activity arms manufacturing
Using my panga to run drugs and people
IRS Tax stuff for a company I didn’t even own?
Illegal activity with a taxidermy hobbie I called SaltySoulTaxidermy
Then shit down my Spearfishing tournament rigsreefclassicspearfishing literally 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 all to get broke into and my stuff stolen for HempGuideToHealthyEating book I was writing called 911, CorpusChristi PD, and FBI no shit because my company partners from GatorGripp gave me death threats extortion and bribed me! Then 12 hrs later I seek help get arrested put in county jail 100 days never been arrested in my life! Get hit with class c, misdemeanor, 3rd degree felony, 2nd degree felony, class b misdemeanor, class a misdemeanor, lmfao then get PR Bond on $50,000 just to get handed divorce papers not in jail, I did hear over the phone we got divorced ugh not what I wanted BTW and got out July 13th with 4or 5 charges dismissed 18months probation 120 hrs community service, and a 5 day drug class as well as about $2200 in court costs 2-3 random drug tests per month and monthly VETCourt Veteran Treatment Court meetings let me tell ya that’s the last time I ever ask the police for help! Yes my house got broke into! Yes I Hd 5 ounces legal Hemp Stolen! Yes I called 911, CCPD, FBI night before arrest! But hey I’ve already completed all community service, and graduate this class tomorrow, paid half the court fees in only 4 months 😉

Talk about kicking ass… pretty embarrassing actually because I was a federal law enforcement officer for 20 years… and I was actually trying to protect myself.

I called

True story 4/12/22 I made those calls by 10:30 am 4/13/22 I was the one getting arrested. SAD

I graduate January 8th 2024 this final charge will be dismissed and my record will be cleared so yeah it’s a drug class which is similar to the once I would teach my teams in the United States Coast Guard from 1998-2018 let me tell ya to go from 30,000 rescues and gold medal at White House to totally screwed from 2018-2022 is crap

Pro Draw GatorGripp GatorGrippHD pull set grip?

Funny that’s the Rack I’m a patent holder and trademark owner of…. It was called the GatorGrippHD now they call is pull set grip!

As for help gets worse my ex wife accused me of drug abuse alcohol abuse and family violence in the divorce I was never even served papers to attend… because I was in jail so I got out of jail to an empty bank account and divorce

As for positive lmfao trust me I’m alive that’s good enough these days. And by the way 20 years US a military and 4 years with VA a ever have I been diagnosed chemical drug or alcohol abusive or dependent or was I ever reported for family violence but let me tell ya the day I reported my exwife for pulling a gun on me to the va she definitely got involved with screwing me over… because why was she awarded all my guns? When she pulled one on me and it was reported. Not to mention the verbal and physical abuse reported to 911 and VA a which we got marriage counseling for… sad I get totally screwed and everyone else walks free

Mean while I get stuck clearing my name and not being able to see my daughter but 1hr in person since March of this year

Trust me this is so inhumane and so filled with Everyone else screwing me it is absolutely insane

Because the va has had my blood work since 2018!

They know I haven’t had as prescribed pills since 2019 , no cannabis 2 years, no alcohol 14 months, no hemp since March 2022. They know she pulled a gun on me. They know I reported family verbal and physical abuse as I retired 100% disabled, had to learn to walk again and was on 26 prescriptions 100% combat related

But yet here I am and no one held her accountable

No one held my company partners accountable

Trust me she’s promised to give me my guns back once I graduate January 2024 once that happens I’m definitely doing my own thing and not trusting a soul ever again

I spent 24 years doing everything I could for everyone else just to get totally hosed

And I’m so tired of people saying I need help lmfao I’m like I’m fine it’s all the assholes who fucked me over that need the help

That’s gonna get some attention lmfao watch what I’m talking about…

Oh I am ! I mean I’m sober I didn’t steal the company hurt my wife hell any of the 3 wives I had… or my kids. So what am I doing wrong? Not to mention I’m graduating this requirement tomorrow and literally already knocked out my hours so all I have to do is piss in a cup and smile to the judge and my probation officer till graduation;)

That’s gonna piss em all off when I beat the system lmfao

Because I’m 100% disabled learned to walk again after 10 major surgeries and retired a hero! Now 4 years later even stronger totally sober after 26 prescriptions in 21 years I’m thankful I did it proud I’m sober and glad people will see I’m sober.

And have been not to mention never hurt a woman in my life or kids so as for the family violence lmfao what occasional use of adults words in rebuttal to lies I was dealing with come on I got accused of working with cartel, capital riots, lost my tournament, lost my company, lost my hobby, my last wife left me, then accused me of drugs alcohol and family violence lmfao all immediately after she was reported to VA which is sad because the VA should report all this because it’s clearly retaliation and a setup! I’m not cartel not in a militia definitely don’t run Cocaine or humans! Never made a bomb never did anything but heal and loose my company and her family investment btw her now dead mom gave me $30k and gator-Gripp stole that

All between 2018 and now

So I think I’m handling this shit show well actually

What do I have to loose? I’m telling the truth!

Trust me I was a federal cop I worked with everyone from CIA to FBI to ATF to DEA, Texas Rangers, Marines, AirForce, Navy, Army, SpaceForce! And Coast Guard

DavidRamsey Surfman374 DMR

I’m fine btw never been a threat to anyone but narcos terrorism and bad people lmfao

Cowboy Up Assholes

I’m American we fight for freedom !

And earned it!
GOLD MEDAL is real! So am I!
God Bless America
I’m an American we fight for freedom
My Team always has my 6!
Happy Holidays: From the United States Coast Guard Station Cape Disappointment, The National Motor Life Boat School & U.S.C.G. Auxiliary Flotilla 62 Surfman374

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