Why? Loose it all? Why let it happen? Why not throw me a Life Ring?

I don’t need another person to tell me who I don’t love! I don’t need a piece of paper that says I’m married! I need my life! My wife! And that’s who I choose! I know she loves me! I know we deserve life together! I know my daughter deserves both of us! All her sisters and brother! And all our family and friends! I know I’m not perfect! But I know what love is! And I know I love her! Heck maybe even a few more siblings ya never know! I deserve my wife my family! My tribe our people! Our future! And so does she! So do all of us! Because that’s how heroes heal! With true love! We all struggle! We all are human! We all deserve love! Immediately!!!

I will help others when ya give me my wife and daughter back! Then we can help a lot more heroes and families ‼️🫶❤️ I love you Ashley

I made A VOW! I’m in LOVE FUCKERS! That’s my wife! That’s My family! I want it back! LOVE and Forgive I’m speaking from my heart! I don’t care what people say! #love #people #forgive forgive as much as it takes!

I made A VOW! I’m in LOVE FUCKERS! That’s my wife! That’s My family! I want it back!
I want my wife back! I want my kids to see success!!!! Fucken sick of social media!
Fuck yeah I want my wife back!

I don’t care if your gay or what color ya are! Stop destroying my dreams and start loving yours! LOVE IS THE ANSWER ASSHOLES! Fact! Why ruin another hero? Why torture me with bullshit! Why crush my dreams of living loving being a husband a father a man! Stand for something and show love to each other! Respect that! Love that stop destroying others! Who cares if ya love the same sex? I don’t! Who cares what religion you are I love my GOD! Who cares what the fuck your friends do! Or how cool they are! I have none! Why? Liars Haters hackers Thieves cheaters trolls all ruined my life! I lost my marriage for what I believed in! I lost the love of my life! I lost years with my kids! So fuck y’all! Yeah I’m pissed off but you would be too! Stand up for what’s right! GAY Straight Black Brown Yellow Red or White! Be proud your alive! Make your life better stop destroying what’s all of ours! EARTH sure love oil! Sure love gas! Sure love meditation sure love medication! Sure love green energy sure love darkness sure love light! But live in balance assholes! Respect the system! Trust the fame! Love the Game! But stop destroying HEROES! We sacrifice it all for you fucktards! We gave it all for you leaders! We have it all for your city! We gave it all for this nation! Be honest! Be real! Unfuck life and live it! I’m so tired of saying this everyday! But live your life! Be happy! Love one another! Stop killing families stop crushing dreams! Start shining! Kill the bad vibe! Unite! Who cares if ya love the same sex! Who cares if ya don’t have faith that’s your choice! But stop destroying mine! I lost my whole life because I loved my wife! I want her back! I want my kids back! I want to end divorce! End multi generational curses! So if ya love the one your with! BE ABOUT IT and forgive! Friends are Fun! Family is forever! I say this for all people! All religions, all love! Be it same sex or opposite be it what ever color you are! Love! Love is the answer! Oh yeah! Remember nuclear power will destroy the word! Why would ya ever use that to do nothing more than save the universe? So use your magic! Use your strength Use your power! Be good be great at it! Evil sucks! But understand evil will always be real! So balance that shit!

Why should I loose another family?

Remember a Marriage is 50/50! Sure at any point in time It can be effected by you or your partner and how they are feeling! BUT LOVE IS THE ANSWER! Love is KEY!


It doesn’t matter how many friends you have! How cool you are! What school ya went to! What matters is LOVE! What matters is forgiveness! What matters is helping each other grow! What matters is NOT a destroying each other! What matters is shining! What matters is watering each other’s garden, pulling the shit ass weeds! What matters is fucking honesty! What matters is TRUTH! Loyalty way before Royalty! What matters is NOT being a Cheater! Not being a hater! Not being a Thief! Not spreading false rumors! Not being a troll! Being original, being you! Being true! With 4000 religious beliefs on earth pick one! Love the creator! Read the Quran! Read the Torah! Read the Bible! Understand Negative Energy comes and goes! Understand Positive Energy flows! Understand at any point in time you will be challenged, you will be tested! But it’s up to you to do what is right when NO one is looking! What is right when everyone’s watching! What is right when your influence is powerful! When your creator is real! When you create! Don’t let others destroy! When you influence be positive! When you watch others share it! If they are doing what they love support it! Don’t destroy it! Show the strength! Show your weaknesses! Be real! Be raw! Love yourself! Love others! Live a life you desire! Choose the right path! When you are standing at the cross roads in life, don’t take the path to destruction! Don’t sell your soul! Stand tall! Be about it, Talk about it! Trust me being honest with myself, then creating content around that opened me up to a world of haters! A world of liars! A world of jealousy! A world of people saying what you think your better than me? No I’m not better than you! I’m better than me! I’m better than yesterday, I’m me today! So I can be better tomorrow! I’m tired! I posted 24/7 , 365 why? Because I lost my wife, lost my children, lost my company, lost my dreams, lost my hobby, lost my boats! Lost my connection to hunting gathering! Lost the love of my life! I pray daily! I trust my creator! I love to each second! I’m sober! It’s been 10 months no HEMP! Over 1 year no alcohol, 2+ years No Cannabis, almost 4 years no pills! It’s been 3 years acupuncture, 3 years meditation! 3 years of chakra activation! 3 years of discovering! Why? So I can show my children my 20 year old daughter, my 18 year old son, my 13 year old daughter, my 3 year old baby girl! Dad is Real! Dad is loyal! Dad Loves your MOMS! The women who didn’t destroy me! The won who taught me! The women who I trusted, the women who I still love, to NEVERGIVEUP! Nevertheless I’m still single! From the time my youngest was 6 months old I have felt isolated! I have felt alone! I’m thankful her mom finally got to have a baby! But I’m hurting because I want love! Not alienating! I want trust not lies! I believe in being the Man of My House! Loving the woman of our house! I know life’s not fair! I know GOD will bless us! I know the Devil will test us! But I know sober I know why we heroes we mothers we fathers we brothers we sisters struggle! I know what hell is! Hell is alone! Hell is darkness! Hell is addictive it’s addicting it’s addiction! But what will save anyone? LOVE

Love is the answer! You should never leave the one who loves you! You should stand beside them! Understand everyone is dealing with shit these days! So why should I do it alone? Why can’t I have my wife back? Why can’t we show the world what live can do not what love didn’t do! DMR

What’s the point of life without your wife?

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