Being disrespectful? Am I?

How do you change your world the world? One random act of kindness and spread love it’s been my goal. Always rise above and do what GOD a does GOD loves us and forgives us, so on that

Well am I?

Have I ever disrespected you? If so I apologize! Definitely don’t go around disrespecting people! But if I have my apology 🫶‼️❤️ These days ya never know what people think or say about ya, so be honest with each other. I’m definitely praying for peace, love and a United family not divorced or divided. But hey GOD a knows and see’s all right, so GOD aim praying for this… miss my kids, family, and definitely want to pray for anyone suffering I’m public on “social media”, because maybe someone will read it and see that honesty comes in many forms even in the metaverse so on that GOD i pray for peace in everyone’s home. I pray for unity & love #prayers for everyone #love #socialmedia #people

Hope not if So I’m sorry 🫶‼️❤️

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