Be bold be true be honest ⚖️

I’m a disciple I pray for everyone the more we pray for others the more love will be spread more will be healed GOD is GOOD #MAnOfGOD #GODSGUARDIANS

Beautiful day yall

I ask You, Lord of the harvest, to send forth laborers to every neighborhood. Let Your light shine throughout every home, our families, our people, all people, our neighborhoods, our leadership, our schools, our restaurants, our grocery stores, our gas stations, our hospitals, our police departments, our jails, our storefronts, our parks, and our church’s, our City, County, State, States, and Nation definitely our military & veterans. #prayercall #disciple #faith #gratitude #greatful #givingthankstogod DMR doesn’t matter if ya read the #Torah #Quran the #Bible we all got the Same Creator #ONEGOD #ONEFather #ONESon #ONESpirit God is All #veterans #military #police #restaurants #leadership #people #gas #schools #hospitals

Amen 🙏🏾 🫶‼️

I love when people say Happy Veterans Day! I ain’t had once since I retired in 2018! I’m Surfman374 1998-2018 BMCRAMSEY

gratitude #like I will say this! GOD bless Cole Park, Selena Memorial the Waterfront and OSO Preserve because I’m doing something I never thought was possible… lose the weight , walk sober, see the sunrise. Gratitude to GOD 24/7-365 truly my prayers go out to all those who make it possible! From Corpus Christi Parks and Rec’s to the Enforcement, CCPD, and Major amen to CorpusChristi Texas this skatepark is beautiful this pier is epic this playground is straight up awesome ! GOD BLESS TEXAS from Surfman374 🙌 amen to plant based healing ❤️‍🩹 yes the pills were 21 years Lmfao 🤣 as prescribed BTW! And Healthy Eating! Here’s to walking my ass off literally I live for simple things like the sunshine and moonlight 🔆💡
Amen to a beautiful corpus “Sunrise” christi texas 🔆😎🫶

“I can’t wait to get all my guns back so I can go hunting”! Bunch of bs but oh well! Rise up! Be the man I always was and am! Pretty obvious I got setup since I retired in 2018! Served 20 years for our country get totally fucked over afterwards!” Pretty sad 2019 invested by its for two people who I worked with or tried to it’s funny I had nothing at all to do with them! Then accused of taking money and gear from Spearfishing tournament nope! Trust me I wish I did because my Freedive spearfishing gear is a mess and old I need new gear! Then 2020 after GatorGripp gets picked Top5 Product at the ArcheryTradeShow of America and on Swamp People I get ghosted what because i cook with hemp? And never touched my wife in a harmful way btw yep cops pulled tasers on me and accused me of some horrible shit after they mishandled me! I was accused of capital riots and being in militia and sent away under a Baker Act for a week of being investinged! 2021 accused of working with cartel running drugs and people! And again sent away under a baker act for a week of investigation! Why do you think I actually sold the SaltySoulPanga and raided by 6 game wardens in full tactical gear for a hobby taxidermy passion! Definitely harassing me accused me of being an arms manufacture and bomb maker! Lmfao I do own a hat called C4 it’s from the C4 Ranch I’m Painted Hills Oregon! I share this because it all true!!!! Bunch of lies since I retired in 2018! Why? Who would start into me immediately after I retired from 20 years of being a hero? Literally it’s obvious! I mean 2022 I was again set up broke into tried to call 911, CCPD, FBI but then arrested next day? Why? When I was trying to ask to officers to follow me home to report the broke into home missing legal purchased HEMP from shops in this city, to all my money being gone from bank accounts! Remember I was threatened with extortion bribery and even death threats!

I’m Dad, Brother, Son, and Proud Veteran
“GOD – Good Order Discipline
CIA – Christians in Action
BIBLE- Basic Instructions Before leaving Earth
🧐 GOD see’s & knows what’s up So Do I!
Like the central intelligence Agency of space force the heavens and earth 🌎😎💡”!
From the North Pole to the South Pole! I got friends everywhere 🫶❤️‼️🇺🇸🔆
Toys For Tots! Because as a Father my kids love toys! So someone else’s will too! I’m not bragging just showing my love to CorpusChristi Texas! GOD Bless America! Reap what ya sow! Plant the seeds! 🇺🇸⚖️‼️♾
❤️ Never Give Up Love is the Answer 🫶
1998-2018 I saved everyone who’s gonna save me? Yep that’s me in my own clothes conducting Hurricane rescues Harvey almost killed me! But I still rescued 100’s of 1000’s thanks to airboats and teamwork! GOD Bless The US Coast Guard!

I lost a total of 220 Lbs because I believe I lost my family because I told the truth! I lost the last 24 years of my life because I defended America! I lost all my money because it was all taken from me! I lost my wives because of lies! I lost my children because of lies! But I still believe in the Torah! The Bible! The Quran! Because I believe in GOD! Our Creator! The Creator of All! Everyone! Everything! GOD knows! It’s been 24 years since my Ramsey Family Reunion! It’s been 25 years since I enjoyed holidays with my Dads family the Ramsey Family! It’s been since 1992 since I enjoyed my Moms Family! When am I gonna be set free? Who’s gonna save me? My legacy? My future? I learned to walk again twice! I saved 100’s of 1000’s of lives! I trusted GOD! But who trusted me? Who destroyed me? Who helped me overcome Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD, the 3 suicide attempts? GOD DID! I’m not violent never hurt Carlie, never hurt Leslie, Never Hurt Ashley! Never Harmed McKenzie, Austin, Addyson, or Hadley! I’m a Damn Good Father! Love my children and there mothers! So much so I promised God, and my now exwife I will become sober! I will love! I will show my children TRUTH! I will show my city love! Trust me I love CorpusChristi, 911, CorpusChristi Police, the Leaders, Judges, Attorneys! But who loves me? Surfman374 DMR DMRAMSEY DMRAMSEY1?


Even after I received Death Threats, Was bribed, Extorted from 2018-2022! I still love #veterans #teamwork #communication #help #veteran even a certified disciple GOD Please bless America 🫶❤️‼️🇺🇸⚖️♾🌎 truth be told I love my child and definitely would never harm there mothers! I never have and never will! I definitely can say sorry for acting up or acting out or maybe a few words I regret saying but I have never not will I ever harm a women physically or mentally!

DMRamsey ❤️‼️🫶♾😎
Telling the truth gets ya locked up!

Not to mention I filed a ton of grievances while locked up in Nueces County Jail just to get laughed at by your corrections officers! I wonder how many actually made it to Austin Texas for review? I wonder why someone would want to destroy another American Hero? Why would you ever take a family away from its creators? The mother and father? Why does another child have to grow up without both parents? Why would you allow child support rates to be 34% on a 3rd divorce I wasn’t able to even attend or be served with? Why would you allow my 2nd divorce to be the same thing then charge me 20% on top of that? Why would you allow my first divorce to charge me 10% so let’s do the math that’s 64% of my total “over estimated income btw” truth be told I’m 100% disabled! On social security, department of veterans affairs 100% disabled 100% Service connected, and US Coast Guard Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) yep not Retired Pay! So here I have 3 sources of Disabled Compensation which has never changed since 2018, 2019 and now 2022 and it’s allowed to be over estimated and I’m broke! Financial ruin…. All taken place while I was in county jail! Not to mention my company I was 1/3 owner of! Which I’m on US Patent and Trademark of! That was allowed to be renamed and sold! How is this legal who protects Americas heroes? We can even stand up for ourselves without being destroyed in a nation I protected! I was a Federal Law Enforcement Officer! A Ready for Operations Inspector! A Chief of Operations for Texas! A State I love! I protected the OIL, GAS, Outdoor Industry! I protected and supported Companies I loved from 1998-2022! But no one protected me! My rights or what I built! It was all destroyed! To me it’s like watching my cries for help for a better way get tossed in the garbage I did And I sat watched them throw them away! That’s wrong! The inmate mistreatment was horrible! It’s like the treatment I have been receiving since I retired after 20 years military service! Even The food preparation area covered in rats, piss, and shit! I had to haul away 100’s of Lbs of beans, and dried goods that literally had baby rats living in it! Not to mention the physical pain and suffering I’m 100% disabled why would they ever make me do that! I worked in laundry, that guy should be fired! I tried to attend religious services got laughed at and fired! I worked in the kitchen the poor food services company deserves way better equipment way more respect! They work in hell! Not to mention the corrections officers were more gangster than they inmates! And got off on beating people! Excessive Use of Force! And death threats! So county jail sucked! I saved all my grievances just in case ya want to say I’m not telling the truth! Around 100 days in hell was what county jail was! Sad because I held prayer call every night in there as a trustee! I got to work with some men who literally shared similar stories of threats! Mistreatment, and inhumane conditions nothing like taking a shower in black water! Grey water! Mold infested facilities! The way they handled COVID was a Joke! The way they treated us was hell! I would never recommend staying there! The Corrections officers definitely need better training specially when it comes to veterans! I pray for the police, the corrections officers, the attorneys, the judges! Because I love my city! I love CorpusChristi Texas! But this city needs a lot of help! I pray for the inmates! City state and federal! I pray for our leaders, our government! America Needs Help

DavidRamsey Surfman374 USCG 1998-2018

Actually being a suicide survivor, having ptsd, anxiety , depression, insomnia alcohol and substance abuse as well as family advocate life coach for fellow veterans and active duty! I say speak the truth show the love and help! Imo never leave a human alone! GOD loves! We should too! GOD forgives! We should too! GOD is the way! GOD heals the darkest souls! GOD is love and LIght! As for me I post bold honest real stuff! Because I’m not ego I’m Empath! I’m brave! I’m a man! Far from perfect! But as a chief! Veteran! Father! Specialist “specops” that was a heavy burden! 20 years of it! As a father friend man who loves his kids and would do anything for the mothers of them! I believe in honesty! Truth and full communication specially when kids are involved! Even if they are adults or teens! To me I believe in communication, team work! And freedom of speech! Yes respecting each other’s rights not being hurtful setting the example!

As for social media let me tell ya never have been made famous from it, btw but it did cost me three marriages, my company GatorGripp Rack Systems, Hobby called SaltySoulTaxidermy, not for profit spearfishing Tournament called rigsreefclassicspearfishing , not to mention thanks to social media and me being creative I’ve also been accused of Working with the cartel, never ran drugs or humans btw! It’s why I sold my panga! Being involved in a militia never!!!! Arms manufacturing Lmfao wow I served 20years military was a federal law enforcement officer, and small arms instructor I don’t use guns for violence I use them to provide food and stop violence so wow 14 more months and I own my guns again, yes I was also a federal law enforcement officer and small arms instructor in case ya didn’t read it! Pretty sad! Also was accused of drug addiction because I wrote HempGuideToHealthyEating, alcohol addiction because I brewed my own beer made my own whiskey vodka gin and liquors! Even accused of family violence funny she pulled a gun on me and I get accused of violence lmfao and she gets to hold on to my guns? I trust her because it only happened 1 time but that’s one time to many! Never pull a gun on your partner! Not to mention verbal and physical abuse I reported to the Department of Veterans Affairs in which CPS was sent in and we did get family counseling! But hey I Lost all my money! No joke! And haven’t seen my kids since 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022! So I’m telling ya people can even use this information against you in court and make ya actually look like a bad guy! Trust me! I’m Surfman374 a Real American Hero who served 20 years conducting search and rescue , ready for operations, pollution response, chief of operations level work! Read my past blogs for who the Internet destroyed my life! Pretty sad you can google my name see the truths see the reality but yet people can freely destroy you! So the power of the Internet is real! But anyways off my soap box! What comes around goes around! It’s called PullSetGrip was Called GatorGripp, GatorGrippHD Pro Draw they took it sold it renamed it! WTF I’m a 20 year veteran and y’all stole from me as well! I should get 1/3 right? I’m a CoOwmer and on Patent and trademark! Not to mention marketing from 2014 to date! Way more than the other owners ever did for the product! Who got the money to build it? Me! Who ne ever got paid back the $42,000.00 my family! Who never got a dime for 8 years of lies! ME I got nothing! Oh wait now I’m dealing With a divorce btw she took all my money also! And 8 years of house payments I was told they would sell me the house 🧐 I should get 1/2? I lost it all and didn’t even sign the Divorce papers or get served! So as far as my opinion goes after building an online website before Facebook was even released to the public serious it was called I ran a online store and paintball field from 2003-2010. I think the World Wide Web has flat destroyed me!

What it was HEMP! Nothing like 100 days in County Jail!
I got home to an eviction notice! Emptied bank accounts, and my hemp and cash missing so I called 911, CCPD, and FBI! What happened??? I was in jail by 11am 04/13/22 wow thanks y’all
Gold Medal from WhiteHouse to County jail for Hemp Concentration oh btw I actually tried to get your cops to follow me home! Sorry 911, CCPD, FBI didn’t show up! So I figured why not have these two awesome officer one this car follow me home to e real crime? Nope! Bad idea!
No one cares what we did! Sad story
Last I remember was talking to Congressman on this day at our Nations Capital
I saved 1300 Texans and ya can’t even help me!
Also been through some shit! Why ya think I have Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD! Had to learn to walk again 2 times since 2010! Lost 80lbs first time and 120lbs second time! 1998-2018 Also kicked 26 prescriptions 2019, stopped using Cannabis 2020/21 stopped alcohol 2021, stopped HEMP 10 months ago
Oh yeah Washington loved me! I went to HighSchool in LaCenter, Washington was stationed at Cape D / NMLBS 2002-2011
Yep they loved me back home!

I joined in 1998 , I haven’t seen my family in 24 years ! Sad story is I was leaving town the day I got thrown in county jail! Bags were packed in the backseat of my truck! I wanted to get away because my now ex wife said I need to go be by myself? Weird she left me the month before with Hadley and lucky? I was loosing my mind that month yep March 2022! Specially after being baker acted by my family Easter 2021 for appearing to need help? They completely cleared me and said I wasn’t alcohol or chemical drug addict/ dependent/ abusing , Easter 2020 yep Feds asked me if I was in a militia lmfao and if I had anything to do with capital riots! 2022 I get locked up! Do y’all see the trend? Easter 2020, 2021, 2022 so raised by game wardens in full tactical gear in 10/20/2021 lmfao I saved the citation I’m a Hobby Taxidermist btw!!! A HOBBY! So I freaked the duck out because they even asked about “The GatorGrippHD” funny while I’m in Jail 04/13/22 – 08/22 like 100 days! Gator-Gripp Rack Systems was sold, then renamed Pull Set Gripp! How is that legal when I’m a CoOwner, Patent Holder, Trademark Holder? Should’ve got my 1/3 money royalty! So y’all wanna know why I popped off? Because since I retired in 2018 lost 120lbs learned to walk again! Got totally Fucken sober and fucked over! So CorpusChristi Texas CCPD, 911, FBI, TDPW y’all owe me and my family an apology? You already sent An Officer in once to apologize for wrongful use of force and no cuff keys! S. Barnes did you already forget what you said? You would help me? Funny when ya gonna do that? To me looks like you all fucked me! Because now I’m not a “Freeman” till January 8th 2024 when my record gets cleared for not running from cops, not wreckless driving, not resisting arrest, not in possession of cannabis concentration it was hemp! I was also trying to get y’all to follow me home because as y’all can see I’ve been getting fucked over pretty hard since 2018!

DMR Surfman374 Chief Ramsey Ready For Operations 2011-2017/ 2017-2018 Chief of Operations Texas US Coast Guard Enforcement
See I’ve been way taken taken care of! Not to mention I’m a 100 % Disabled, 100% Combat Related 1998-2018 served 20 years!
Hurricane Harvey cost me my career btw! And I still rescued 1300 people! Had to learn to walk again because Harvey!
We didn’t care who you were where you where we saved everyone!
Old young didn’t matter!
Even dogs! Hell like multiple times I flooded out my personal vehicle doing Coast Guard Rescue! My own shit! Even fucked up my boat and lost it doing the same shit! So lost my first panga to Harvey! And second one sold it because I’m not a dope runner or human trafficker! Assholes! Thanks 2021 cost me not only feds baker acting me a week just to see if I’m militia but then my panga sold because cartel? I’m serious! It’s sucked since 2018!
I love to read now that I’m retired from 20 years of saving lives making Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Texas better ThankYou USCG & JTD203

Satan’s goal is to keep us from Christ — keep our family our community our nation from GOD remember one Nation Under GOD! Because because Satan he knows only Christ can deliver us from hell and take us safely to heaven. Is your faith and hope in him? “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). GOD i pray for my family, city, state, and nation! Amen

Lost my Family, Lost My Company! Lost my boat, lost all my money! Lost my tournament, Lost my home! Who protected me? NO one! I’m sober! Haven’t used pills since 2019, Cannabis Since 2020/21, Alcohol since 2021, Hemp since Feb/Mar 2022! But let me tell ya they used that all against me saying I was into Family Violence, Drugs, and Alcohol! That’s funny I reported all this to the Department of Veterans Affairs here in Corpus Christi Texas! Who protected me? My Wife? Our Children? Who helped me? Who helped her? Who helped my children? Who protected my income when it was completely emptied the day before my arrest! Pretty sad when I got out of jail I had $400 in my accounts! So obviously between loosing a company! And my wife and family I’m upset! But who cared about my freedom of speech? Who cared about my freedom of religion? Who cared about my right to have firearms? No one! Someone worried I would retaliate? Why? I love my children! I am a man who will show them love! Teamwork! How to make it right! How to forgive! But don’t I deserve what was taken? Where’s my compensation for being loyal! I’m not taking everyone to court but they all judged me! I speak truth because I want a better political system! A better police department a better court system a better family court system! From 911, to the Hospital, FBI, to the Judge! I’m not here to see you get fired! I’m here to see Corpus Christi Texas make t all better for me! An American hero who saved 1000’s of Texas, thousands of Oregonians, 1000’s of Washingtonian’s and even a few Alaskans my birthstate! I have not lied I speak truth! Trust me I’ve lost it all so I have nothing to loose by trying to help myself and others! I can’t me from a branch of the military that’s only 40,000 strong but protects the world! Protects the oil , the gas, the shipping, the import and export! But who protected me? Who protected my wife? My children? My legacy? My devotion to a Brand! A Trademark! A Patent! My decision to support products that beloved in me! A Spearfishing industry that trusted me! A Government the Trained me! Trust me I am a Chief! I Graduated Altus Tendo! I retired with Honors! Then have been totally destroyed, by liars, thieves, cheaters, and haters! Surfman374 DMR

DMRAMSEY (TikTok) shut me down

GatorGripp (TikTok) shut me down

RigsReefs Rigsreefclassicspearfishing (TikTok) Shut me down

GatorGripp (Instagram) shut me down

Rigsreefclassicspearfishing Instagram shut me down!

DMRamsey Instagram Shut me down

DMRAMSEY1 Twitter Shut me down

Ramroadious YouTube shut me down

As you can see the Internet and humans destroyed me!

Amen Amen Amen

Actually I love this whole team y’all have. I’m thankful for VETCourt BTW your whole team rocks! It might seem like I’m upset well if ya read my blog anyone would be, but what has been done has been done! As they say in my Team Give it To GOD. Ya see in the CIA we see everything. Trust me! I’m not here to cause problems. Nor am I worried about the past because it’s my time to shine as a Veteran. So my wish will come true I will help more heroes! More families, more people! I’m blessed by the way I have some very powerful government friends who want to see the city we all live in the best in Texas. Because it’s an International City! With an International Port! I love our Mayor, Judges, Attourney’s, Police, City State and Federal! I also believe in correction! So as said I believe in Nueces county and it’s leaders! I believe in VETCourt, Texas Veterans Commission, and Department of Veteran Affairs. GOD Bless y’all… trust me I’ve been getting called Captian America Since 1998 from Gold Medal at Whitehouse to Heroes on The Water! And Your Veterans Treatment Court I’m here to learn grow help and eventually retire! GOD Bless your whole team! As The 374th Surfman since 1790 I’m Honored to call Corpus HOME may GOD Bless you VETCourt. As GOD a has Blessed me! From teaching ministry in 1992 till this day! GOD aid the way saves every day… anyways I’m having fun I promise I enjoy my life and truly y’all got an epic team! Everyone from Judge Pulcher to the DA! And all of you rock! Without y’all veterans wouldn’t be able to finally heal!

Never Give Up on US, Some Gave All! All Gave Some.

GOD – Good Order Discipline
CIA – Christians in Action
BIBLE- Basic Instructions Before leaving Earth
🧐 GOD see’s & knows what’s up So Do I!
Like the central intelligence Agency of space force the heavens and earth 🌎😎💡

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