22 NeverGiveUp Creators


Angel Number 22 is a sign that there are opportunities surrounding you now. These may be new openings you have created for yourself, or even unexpected opportunities that will take you in a new direction. If you keep your mind open, these opportunities will become clear and you will be able to take advantage of them. #number22

Awesome Song Brianna Harness Click Picture

Ya know it’s why I only sleep three hours say I love you daily and post content that truly helps me and others @robdyrdek BravoZulu from #Surfman374 #DMR #timemanagement seriously think about it! 24hours in a day! Most people go to bed and get 6-8hrs me I get about 3-4hrs do the math 🧮 that means let’s just use 4hrs difference means I’m awake living 4 more hours applying it to something self others in a week that’s 28hrs (so I gave myself 1 more day in #livinglife #keys to success 112hrs per month! 4.6days more life! So that’s over #55DaysMoreLife per year! Times that by 24 years lmfao 🤣 1,324.8 days divide that by 365 days lmfao 3.62958904109589 years more life #time can be spent calculating risks growing learning healing showing #loveislove #tellingtruth #beingagoodhuman #being #goodmorning #creative thoughts IMO #freewriting everything I do is from my iPhone BTW and raw uncut just sending t at it comes to mind …. #livinglifetothefullest #GOD loves that!

FACT! BravoZulu Rob Click Pic
Definitely enjoy Social Media #ThirdEye #OpieVision

@twitter @briannaharnesss nailed this one #desperado on @instagram @briannaharnesss @youtube link as follows absolutely goes well with coffee this song rocks so many awesome scenes lots of deep meanings the #opievision on point #thirdeyemusic #cowgirlsdontcry BravoZulu ma’am bravo

Awesome Song Lots of Meaning StruggleJennings she rocks

GOD will see what you do and bless that you don’t need praise online for that’s not a real blessing real blessings come from god and doing what’s right when no one is looking! #Integrity #GodSeesEverything #GodSeesAll #GodSeesYou #GodSees #godseesitall #Godseesme #godseeyou #lovelightinspire


“Trust me after 10 months no CBD 2 years no cannabis it gave me way more energy pain management and motivation than I have now! Way more anxiety relief depression relief ptsd relief!!! It’s an #HERB!

#energy #strength #painmanagementsolutions #nervepainrelief #anxietyrelief #depressionrelief #ptsdrelief #cannabis was stronger but isn’t legal unless you have your #medicalmarijuana card which is issued so you can practice #plantbasedhealing as you would be a #medicalcannabispatient #nopills #noalcohol #nodrugs #cannabisstrains #hempstrains #HempTalk #CannabisTalk #cannabisguidetohealthyeating

HempGuideToHealthyEating #HempHoney literally #HEMP #CBD #cbdcbgcbccbn and #texashoney from 🐝


Nevertheless Never Give Up! Creative Content Music Light saved my love fe gave me something to focus on! Learn from and connect Empath life with real world #WeB3


Be nice assholes this shits real! I tried to end my life 3 times on active duty wasn’t worth it! 1998-2018 no 3.5+ years no pills, 2 years no cannabis, 14 months no alcohol, 9 months no CBD just a shit load of GRIT, and coffee Prayers Meditation from Quran, to Bible I LOVE GOD Worship GOD because GOD LOVES ME! I cast away all demons NOW!

After everything I’ve done in life I hope your happy for what you did! Nothing worse than being backstabbed , lied too, cheated on, stolen from, taken advantage and of!

This is why veterans and active duty take their life! Because no one was there for them in real life! It’s one thing to post a comment it’s another to show up when they are falling! True love never gives up! True love is forgive! Truth be told, I’ve been getting fucked over since I retired!

Why do I say all this? It’s true!

Got accused of so much bullshit lies it’s hilarious 😆

No I’m not a witch, no not working for cartel, no not in the mafia, no I’m not a poachers taxidermist, nope never touched my wife, nope never pulled a gun on her mom lmfao 🤣 that’s hilarious when I was asked where my gun was! No never was into arms being an manufacturer I d and d but a bunch of guns , nope wasn’t in militia didn’t have a damn thing to do with capital riots!

Just because I have PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, and tried to end my life doesn’t mean I’m gonna pop off and hurt my now ex wife or my kids! Just means I should have been loved instead of triggered! Means people used that against me in court accusing me of family violence, drug abuse, alcohol abuse!

Fact I never touched any of my wives! Exwifes, never hurt my kids, I did get pissed off a few times but after what happened to me who wouldn’t…

You loose your company? Did you get baker acted twice? Did you have cops apologize for wrongful use of force? No cuff keys? Did you get broke into? Did you loose your tournament? Did you loose your kids? Americas heroes Deserve better! We served america why do people want to destroy us? Someone told me I should pray! Fuck off I pray daily! Someone told me I should walk away fuck off I still love her! Someone told me I should go hunting and fishing more… why would I ever want to support an industry that watched this all happen? Someone said you should go to church lmfao 🤣 m a Catholic Disciple, Life Member to The Native American Church, love the Quran listen and read the Bible and Quran daily, walk meditation acupuncture SoberLife speaking truth! That’s a Fact! I actually love CorpusChristi Texas! Just wish the Fucken haters would stop! Because no one showed up when it all burned to the ground! From building flags yesterday to hosting a tournament people show up when it only benefits them! What do I have now? No kids, a bunch of liars, and people who actually said I’m not a hero and should kill myself!

Sorry CorpusChristi Y’all should treat us way better! Tested testing trials tribulations Revelation GOD GOD IS LOVE another Lonely god doesn’t cheat or beat! GOD doesn’t lie steal or Profit off others!

GOD doesn’t do anything but create , love, and help!

I speak truth because it’s TRUTH! I would never hurt a soul I would try to save them!

GOD Bless you my brothers and sisters ❤ DMRAMSEY Instagram DMRAMSEY1 Twitter Surfman374 TikTok
I post content because it helped me believe in my creator spread the word and understand GOD, Angels, JINN, Humans 😊 #dmr
People First

What do I love? #GOD #Family #LoveIsTheAnswer 🫶❤️‼️🇺🇸 🪶☕️😎🏴‍☠️🧜‍♂️🌎🐝🎵⬆️✔️🌹💕🪄🏈👻👇🏼 #Surfman374 TikTok #DMRamsey1 Twitter #DMRamsey Instagram #cainandable #13Clans #Fellowship #Humans #Angels #Jinn #Creator Made #NYStrip #BEEF #GotBeef ? no Truth! A shitload of it! @dmramsey @instagram #Abel #Cain #vampiresofinstagram #werewolftransformation #werewolvesofinstagram #CainAndAbel

Got Beef? my YouTube Channel

It’s funny how everyone comes together to fuck me over but no one was complaining when I was serving my country!

1998-2018 Surfman374 Afrasgoldmedal

2018 – Present 🎁 You all fucked me over!

Time to stop hating and start loving assholes! I’m a Dad, Veteran, and Creator!

It’s funny how everyone comes together to fuck me over but no one was complaining when I was serving my country!
1998-2018 Surfman374 Afrasgoldmedal
2018 – Present 🎁 You all fucked me over!
Time to stop hating and start loving assholes! I’m a Dad, Veteran, and Creator!

I was born in alaska cut my teeth in #Georgia kicked ass in #Washington froze my ass off 100 miles north of Nome #Alaska, broke my ass and back in the surf in #Oregon and then lost everything in CorpusChristi #Texas 🤣


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