“When they took it all”!

veteran Lives matter!!! No freedom of speech or freedom of religion!!! GOD I need you now!

“Your Only As Good As Those Around ya”

Trust me I need to surround myself with people who #believe in #mydreams, #encourage #myideas, support #myambitions, and #bringthebestoutofme ••• Unfortunately since the day I #retiredmilitary till now, no one’s been that person why I’m in the situation I’m in now… I went from being #OneOfTheBest the #USCG “United States Coast Guard” #Surfman #Surfman374 #Chief #BMC #ChiefOfOperations #SAI #FLEO #TrainTheTrainer #HPC #FAI to loosing my marriage, my kids, #GatorGripp, #GatorGrippHd #SaltySoulTaxidermy, and #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #PullSetGrip #HempGuideToHealthyEating

So like I wrote above if I was around people who believed in my dreams, encouraged my ideas, supported my ambitions, and brought the best out in me… none of the above would have happened and I would be way better off now, and probably would have never been Wrongfully detained, trust me two years ago the #Cops actually came with an apology for #UseOfForce and #NoCuffKeys also telling me #Cannabis #Hemp actually has been proven to be effective in treating Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD , Pain Management, and Central Nervous System Disorders. It’s even approved since Last year in Texas for Medical Use to treat a few of my actually medical diagnoses. So ya see yea I served 20 years Military, yes I saved 100’s of 1000’s of Lives! But NO Body came to help me, no one stood up for me when the Company I was CoOwner of Changed names No One stood up for me when I was wrongly accused of poacher taxidermy, running drugs & humans with my panga working for The Cartel, accused of arms manufacturing, accused of being in a militia and involved with Capital Riots!

Amen JESUS Amen GOD Amen Holy Spirit

Ya see people even said I abused my spouse, I have never harmed any of my wives, now ex wives because I got divorced while I was in county jail which sucked by the way! And still ain’t seen my daughter who’s gonna be 3 tomorrow but less then 2 hours in 9 months! Pretty sad I called 911, CCPD, FBI to report all this crime against me but no one helped me! Then I get arrested less than 12 hrs after making that phone call! Sorry I’m not a snitch, I wasn’t involved in the above! Again been off CBD 9 Months, NoBooze, 1 yr, Nopills 3yrs NoDrugsEver

Each year above is how long it’s been since I’ve seen them! All because of LIES!
04/13/2022 I was arrested and spent 100 days in County Jail! When I was the one they stole 5 ounces of HEMP from I used to HEAL my bank account was empty my house got broke into my wife left me a month before and I got an eviction notion 4/12/2022 from my Now Dead Ex Mother InLaw Gator-Gripp Still owes her/US $42,000.00 for the investment and never paid me a dime BY THE WAY now called PullSetGrip (Google it) It’s a Great EBike Rack!
I really did get a Gold Medal in Washington DC I still faint believe my company partners not only told me to hang myself but told me I wasn’t a real heroe! Fuck Brian and Thomas! Thieves http://www.gator-gripp.com


I went from being one of the coast guards best #Surfman #Surfman374 to loosing my marriage, my kids, #GatorGripp, #SaltySoulTaxidermy, and #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #GatorGrippHD #PullSetGrip #HempGuideToHealthyEating it was #CBD #Hemp yes a few years ago I did use #Cannabis but that was for #CannabisGuideToHealthyEating now totally #Sober why it’s called #HighEnergyHealthyEating

So yeah I went from being the coast guards best to loosing my marriage, my kids, GatorGripp, SaltySoulTaxidermy, and rigsreefclassicspearfishing and all the above! To what you read in blog! #NationalHero #Veteran #militarytransition #militaryfamilies #militaryveterans deserve better treatment!

Amen #JESUS Amen #GOD Amen #Holy #Spirit ​

So like I said if I was around people who #believed in my #dreams, encouraged my #ideas, supported my #ambitions, and brought the best out in me… none of that would have happened and I would be way better off now! #Surfman374 Unfortunately I love people, trust people, and some people took full advantage of me…

All I want is peace in my house and family and for my dreams to come true So people can say all they want about me but I spent 20 years serving this country had to learn to walk again twice had 10 major surely and was on 26 pills by the time I retired and just wanted off the pills to be normal again and healthy with my wife and kids I just wish I could have Atleast made the money back that was invested to give to my ex mom now passed away , do a little taxidermy, and go spearfishing again I miss my boat … it’s all I wanted I miss the ocean and my body is finally strong enough to enjoy it again. And I definitely miss my ex wife and my kids #love #people #like #money

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