money can buy me a boat

Money Can’t buy Love, but it can buy me a few boats!!!

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money can’t buy happiness or love! But it did get me a few boats… now I don’t have #loveorboats #boats something I miss sold my first one to buy a #weddingring unfortunately got divorced gave away my last one to get help #movingout sold my #lancha #panga because someone accused me of running drugs and humans lmfao 🤣 all boats have ever done was make me happy, allow me to hang out with people and provide for my #family now I don’t even have my boats or my family… I’m not part of a militia, don’t work for cartel! Just a retired USCG Surfman who still has his #100TonMMD and would love to go #offshore or to #LakeAmistad again! Boats are such a blast! But not after I got lied to cheated on and stolen from! #TrueStory people Lie and try and #setyouup I’m #Sober I miss hunting and fishing but even that industry fucked me over! From GatorGripp, to PullSetGrip. It sucks when ever one stabbed ya in the back! #letmepulltheknifeoutofmyback will ya! I’m a damn #Veteran served 20 yrs 100% Disabled 100% Combat Related now I lost it all don’t have my family and have to deal with a Mountain of Lies! Why? Because I love #Spearfishing even #rigsreefclassicspearfishing got shutdown because nonprofits kept profits not me! GatorGrippHD still owes me big time! And well she kept the ring… Life can be hardest at your lowest! #NeverGiveUp even killed my #SaltySoulTaxidermy dreams because people lie! I’m sober haven’t drank since last year been 3-4 years no pills! I’m just trying to give it to god talk about what saved me and loose 100lbs well did that Atleast! But everything else for fucked over

But everything else for fucked over I even created #blacknbluepaintball just to help my local community years ago and that even got messed with… from MySpace to metaverse people been screwing me over! Social media

David Michael Ramsey stands for #DMR NeverGiveUp
Watch This other video ! God Bless our Troops
Never Give Up!

Definitely worth healthy eating definitely worth having a Faith in religious belief! Definitely worth #NeverGivingUp GOD help@me daily to change what I can and save me from what I can’t! #SnapShot #realLife is Fucken hard! Be Great At it! #SoberLife rocks #Loveistheanswer #DadLife is what I believe in! Being the best Dad I can be even when ya feel@like you have nothing left! #RiseUp #buildyourbody #begreat #BeGood and Give it to GOD! Heck yeah feeling awesomeness feels awesome!

How am I doing this? HighEnergyHealthyEating… physical activity Daily meditation Stretching staying Sober!!!! #dmr


Honestly I wish I could leave CorpusChristi sucks not having friends or family around … but making the best of it Texas !!! 16 more months I guess

DMRAMSEY, Surfman374

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