I think So PTSD Mushrooms

Maybe not this one but who knows God made plants , fungus, fruits, vegetables, fish and game we should enjoy the healing powers of earth

I still think they can heal ya… #ptsd seriously #magicmushroom what ever ya wanna call it! Psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms (pictured here), has been designated by the FDA as a breakthrough therapy for treatment resistant depression. #smithsonian post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as we know it today was first described as a distinct diagnosis after World War II among individuals who had survived Nazi concentration camps. The patients came home experiencing anxiety, depression and nightmares. The results have been promising enough that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has designated both treatments as breakthrough therapies Ya see I was on to something #hempguidetohealthyeating #mushroomguidetohealthyeating I infused mushrooms with #avocadooil and let me tell ya a few years ago I definitely #discovered freedom from #PTSD #anxiety #depressionhelp #insomnia so yes #hemp #cannabis #plantbasedhealing worked for me! I had energy, health, more pain free life! I was social I became happy again… I loved myself. Now unfortunately I have to wait 16 more months and deal with the pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, ptsd #sober so since my discovery it’s been 3-4yrs #nopills 2years #nocannabis 1 yr #nobooze over 6 months #nocbd no nothing it’s why o created #HighEnergyHealthyEating to replace what I used with fruits and vegetables better protein and more research on #PlantBasedHealing #selfFunded and yes I have been fully reporting all this to the @deptvetaffairs my doctors rock! #OrangeTeam rocks now I use #acupuncture and fitness loads of stretching and #meditation #lightsoundtherapy because #vibration and #lightspectrum also heals! #doyouresearch #BadCopsSuck why, because I was just trying to heal and be the best Husband, Father, Man… I could be!


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