LifeStyle Changes

Are you into #love #hope #optimism wanna #changetheworld so do i 😉

Im just saying hello yall my social media has more details in my lifestyle eating style what I did what I’m doing #FreeInfo and recipes what i do and have done.. thats me cheers that simple #LoveIsTheAnswer #dmr I #believe in #giving more than ya take! And Taking only what ya need. I also believe #plantbasedrecipes #plantbasedplastic #plants #herbs #fruit #vegetables #trees #fungus are all powerful and #seafood is way better for ya. #protienfromthewater rocks I grew up hunting have harvested 100’s of #fishfowlgame but 3 years ago after doing 1000’s of skulls in taxidermy and a few mounts 😉 I had a change of heart I’m just a #spearfisherman these days #biggame was a blast but #onebreathatatime was better more selective and the ultimate challenge specially when sharks are around. I’m not Say’n I don’t believe in hunting because I do and love land creatures just not so much into the harvest these days. I shed enough blood… #HighEnergyHealthyEating


From 300lbs to 180
And total life style change
Ya got to have that! GRIT
Come say Hello Instagram
I grew up hunting
And Fishing
But now seafood fish fruits vegs for me
Do you Like Tuna POke I do

I’m definitely a #bear don’t poke me! #loveme and I will #loveyaback #carebearscare 1 : to feel interest or concern We care about what happens to you. 2 : to provide help, protection, or supervision to : look after His job is to care for the sick. 3 : to have a liking or desire Do you care for more or care for less? Care about yourself and others #icareaboutme #icareaboutyou


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