Spearfishing Tips & Tricks

Never Dive Alone

I just #love being on the water with greater people than I, and having fun! My idea of a great time is with friends, family, and offshore 💙⚓️❗️. #spearfishingtipsandtricks here’s one for ya! #neverdivealone truth! Sure sometimes it’s because your by yourself. Still no excuse! Sure you got the day off weather looks nice! Dive alone ya #diealone trust me I’ve #blackedout ive been to the #decopressionchamber I’ve had #sambas – samba is a condition a reaction that causes loss of muscle control, and uncontrolled movement in the body, (which BTW occurs when your body is running low on oxygen). #Freedivers #spearfisherwoman and #spearfishermen #watermen #fishhunter what ever ya call yo self are at risk of samba, blackout, death and or serious bodily injury because we drop a lot! And shit happens what about a reel line wrapping ya up? What about a floatline wrapping ya up? What about no dive flag? What about no surface float? What about shooting a fish that’s to big? Because what if it happened and ya didn’t have a dive buddy… your SOL & the DOA! ⚓️ instead of fresh poke ceviche grilled fried or smoked fish your ass gets a tombstone! Or burned up and spread at sea

duration of their breath-holds ✅ frequencies of dives ✅
(not resting enough in between dives). 💙 take it easy! And dive another day! @dmramsey Instagram


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