Why do I choose love?

Because it wasn’t always so easy music helped me! Click pick for a song I’m feeling these days

Did My Single Mom do her best? Yes

Why am I against physically abusive people?

I grew up watching my mom get beaten, and they would often do the same to me.

Why am I against verbally abusive people?

I grew up in an extremely verbally abusive environment watching the men beat and yell at my mom and I.

Why am I against sexual abuse?

Not only was my Mom sexually assaulted, but I sexually assaulted!

Why am I against Drug Abuse?

I watched it destroy my mom & I. Not only did she over use but she also tried to end her life. Growing up in that environment was fun later on but in the early years was hell on her and I.

Why I’m against suicide!

I’m a victim of suicide 3x’s I used pills to try to end my life while serving country as prescribed I was pretty much always doped up to do my job. If it wasn’t for the pills my body wouldn’t have been able to keep up. Unfortunately those same pills lead me to make 3 bad decisions. Unfortunately growing up I watched my mom try to end her life. I watched Cocaine destroy her, the same men who beat her ass also Sexually Assaulted her, the constant verbal and physical abuse her and I went through was hell! I used to dump her drugs in the toilet… honestly why I never did anything but smoke herb or eat it.

It’s also why I don’t drink anymore because alcohol really fucked her up. And honestly my worst moments in life usually involved to much use of booze. So I stopped last year. It hasn’t been an issue in year but if I’m gonna be sober might as well go all the way!

What drugs have I done in life? LMFAO

Mushrooms a few times! Seriously once in high school, once after retirement. Acid 1 Time! Marijuana & Hemp! Smoke a few times in high school. Oh yeah and 26 prescriptions from 1998-2019 while on Active Duty!

Since retired I did use Cannabis 2018-2020 then Hemp 2021-2022… now I’m over 6months sober

If it wasn’t for cannabis I would be really fucked up! I’m pro-cannabis! Pro-Hemp it saved my life!

#HempGuideToHealthyEating #TexasHempChef

DMRAMSEY Surfman374 | Retired 98-18

Me and my moms she raised me on horses btw trust me I can ride!

TexasHempChef it’s no lie I learned to cook with cannabis then hemp! It saved my life! That water and #Grit add #love your unstoppable!!! https://rigsreefclassicspearfishing.com/2022/09/07/why-do-i-choose-love/ #HempGuidetoHealthyEating

DavidRamsey CorpusChristi Texas
DMRAMSEY IG DMRamsey1 Twitter

Coast Guard ain’t the only ones riding subs lmfao God Bless America !!! #ActiveDuty #Reserve #Veterans BravoZulu from #Surfman374 BMC retired 98-18 #TexasHempChef ya see I turned to plants to save my life! Yep Hemp! After 20 years of prescription drugs, alcohol, and a hell of a Military Career! #AfrasGoldMedal #FVCatherineM #hurricaneharvey I had to save my own life, learn to love again! I’m Italian we came from Italy, we landed in NewYork City! I was born in Alaska, I served 20yrs, I live in south Texas! Been all over the USA! Love the hunter gathering lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest! Love the Gulf Coast! Love the West Coast! Got trained on the East Coast! Now I’m loving my best life on the border! GodBless America all people places and things! True Story!!! #DMR I love sharing badass images and my thoughts

lovefailure it leads to #change knowledge strength wisdom! #NeverGiveUp

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