GOD? Gods? so Be it!

God Bless America

Don’t believe in #gods ya should! Because I believe in #god I believe One God saved our ass long ago! Simple! #read this book! lmfao okay me doing research is not worship I love culture ya jack ass again your dumb ass comments seriously learn to respect content ! This is why I still don’t trust some of you! By the way I’m a chief we speak our opinions as well so get over it! Not to mention that culture came way before Christian’s so again! Do I need to remind ya who your talking too? Why don’t ya sell some more lies and stop trying to destroy my research ? You people who don’t believe hit a nerve with your comments! I worship my creator! But I respect ancient culture! Btw so consider this 🫵 your comments I will reply ! I don’t worship anything but my GOD! As for disaster, talk about a real flood!!! I’m retired and 43 pretty sure #god has blessed me! I invest I pay child support I might be divorced but that’s there choice not mine! I believe in #love! #Respect and learning about all humans! Not just Christian’s or the church! Which by the way had destroyed more dreams more people than an ancient Egyptian culture! So yeah there’s my real opinion! Again reason 5000 I can’t stand haters! Because y’all think you know everything now if I’m mistaken my apologies but I’m pretty sure I’m not! Because the GODS destroyed humans! One God warned us of a Great Flood! Then humans we’re recreated to only live about 130yrs before the antediluvian era humans lived way longer! That’s from The New American Bible by the way straight from the Catholic Church! So who do I believe? I believe in everything is possible even the #Quran speaks truth! What you gonna do hate me because I can read? Do a little research and your considered a #godworshipper so be it!

lovefailure it leads to #change knowledge strength wisdom! #NeverGiveUp

Bible- Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

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