I believe


What am a against these days? And a few other things I share because I care, want to make a difference online! Want to speak truth. Desire to help myself and others comes from 20 years of amazing military service, serving my community, saving lives, community development, providing outlets for youth, talking with the streets because I grew up in the streets I’m an American I’m #againstsuicide #myopinion #againstallodds #againstracism #againstbullying #againstanimalcruelty #againstanimalabuse #againsthumantrafficking I’m also #ProGod #ProFamily #ProLife I believe in proper gun control! Not the control of my guns! I believe in gardens and the harvest! I believe in hunting and fishing, but only taking what you need! I believe in commercial fishing, logging, and our nations national parks! I believe in freedom! United… I believe in Leadership that has Hope, Faith, and Strength! #ibelieveinfilm #TheFirm #TheFoundation #TheFamily #thefranchise #TheTomb I believe in #deepstate #industrialwarcomplex I believe America Is the Greatest Nation on Earth! Because God Loves Americans all of us! All religions All Non Believers! Why because God Created us all! GodBless Y’all #IBelieve in #poetry #SocialMedia #Creators #Influencers #Watchers I believe we can do better, be better! iBelieve we all have a dream! And everyone who works hard, should achieve, I believe in equal rights! I believe in right to choose! I believe in voting! I believe in health care! #dmr


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