Real Relationship Stuff

Real #relationships always stand strong and take work! They are never ending only devolution development and growth through the good times and bad. If he or she is meant to be he or she will never leave… I think if both people are gonna remain committed it’s 100% Worth the efforts! In the end we only have one life to live! If you have found someone that makes your soul shiver! That’s what it’s about! To many people fall for the wrong reasons only to discover years later they are unhappy with the life partner. Often ending in a roller coaster neither party is happy about. So imo relationships are worth it! Worth the work! I also don’t believe in divorce! Unless a law has been violated! Like the 10 Commandments! Because you and your partner swore to God to keep it together! Why divorce sucks btw! These days to many are ending because they started off wrong , or the partner just gave up on eachother. That’s when Distance should come into play any time apart for that matter allows you to truly dig deep with eachother and develop together founded in truth faith and hope vs lust passion and physical connection often taken for granted or advantage of! I’m just a guy though and that’s my opinion after 3 relationships in 22 years. But what do I know I’m single and not dating… my queen can find me next I’m gonna put faith in that statement I believe the woman for me does exist and knows me already… so I’m not gonna stress over who she is or dates and drama 🎭 …. When it comes to my option on #dating I’m not interested #seriously if someone’s gonna sweep me off my feet she already knows what it’s gonna take. I’m not afraid of meeting people but definitely never been a one night stand guy! So that’s why I’m convinced she already knows me already knows herself and it will happen when it happens. In the end life goes on! To many people jump from relationship to relationship #relationshipgoals for me Simple! Next one be the last one! #longtermrelationship like forever!!! #longtermgoals 👍🏻

Just My Opinion… Love Y’all

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