My Suicidal Story

Remember You Can’t Destroy Someone who doesn’t know how to be destroyed become one! Unbreakable SquareUp you’ll never cross the bar, without taking a few big waves Surfman374


For The Record this is a A much longer full version than what’s been posted on social media click all pictures to see related videos

“While Serving 1998-2018 I tried 3 Times” Click Pic for Surf Rescue

Not once but 3 times? True Story I promise

Having survived 3 attempts at suicide i am thankful for every post I create! Why would a man like me Father, Friend, Surfman374, BMC Retired 100% Disabled, 100% Combat Related Served 20 years want to end his life?

Music Heals Helped Me! Truth be told click pic
  1. I was left alone lost my first child in divorce while serving my country.
  2. I was left alone lost my two kids in divorce while serving my country.
  3. I Could Barely Walk, Didn’t think I would be able to provide for my wife, had survived 20 yrs Military Service, 10 Surgeries, 26 prescription drugs, drank, developed a serious case of Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD went from sending out a Loran Signal 100 miles north of nome alaska one the fleet used to find there way home to Washington State Coast Guardsman of the year with 100’ or 1000’s of Rescues, Gold Medal At White House 10 years surf rescue 7 years ensuring south texas was ready for operations to chief of operations for a year in Sabine Pass Texas were Hurricane Harvey where I / we rescues 100’s of 1000’s more people from dangerous flood waters and totally destroyed east Texas a Storm that destroyed our lives. And the night before retirement I ate a handful of pills.
  4. (Did the same the first two times) I felt unlovable, broken, and unable! I wasn’t the Hero I once was. I lost all my strength gained an insane amount of weight. And was completely lost. Unfortunately my third marriage ended in divorce this summer. Fortunately Suicide is not the Answer. I learned to Walk Again! Turned to Cannabis, the Hemp to fix my problems. It cost me 100days in jail. Even was homeless a few days. Definitely at my lowest! But a light shines on me when I was Locked up. I held Prayer Call almost every night. And when I got out even though homeless and starting over only two months ago I knew this was my time to shine! You see first you must love yourself. Then someone else might love you! I’m not calling out my ExWives, but am saying I forgive them them and pray they forgive me. Today I give all my pain and suffering to my Creator! Because I’m alive! I’ve lost 120lbs Went from Hemp to full sober this last 6 months! So from 2018 when I retired and my last attempt (3rd) till now I have never will never try a handful of pill again! In fact it’s been 3-4yrs NO Pills! In two months a Year no Booze! So I want to share this with y’all! Love yourself! #NeverGiveUp
“The Creator Made Karma for a reason”

The single most important and helpful thing you can do as a friend is listen. Actively listen, without judgment, criticism, or prejudice, to what the survivor is telling you. Because of the stigma surrounding suicide, survivors are often hesitant to openly share their story and express their feelings. #mysuicidestory #suicideprevention #suicideawarness #suicidepreventionmonth I turned to creating and sharing #socialmedia is my way of sharing! But it also came with a Price! I lost my CoOwner Chief Marketing Officer Job! In the last 2.5 yrs GatorGripp (GatorGrippHD) now the Pull Set Grip. I lost my tournament Rigsreefclassicspearfishing i lost my wife in divorce and my youngest daughter and puppy. I do love them for what they did for me! But truth be told even though I’ve cried more in the last 6months it’s been worth staying alive! I miss my children! Proud of each of them! And Living Life is worth it! I definitely miss my ex wife! I definitely miss the times we’ve shared in Texas. But Life is worth it I’m thankful I can share my story!

“It’s worth the fight” Life is Worth it Never Give Up
Never Give Up Brothers & Sisters

Fun Fact I have Never been Physically Abusive or Created Family Violence or been a Substance abuser! Unfortunately in the last 2 years ive been accused of so much it’s truly sad! I have never harmed anyone! Unless it was the through military training or operations. Over definitely never harmed my children or ExSpouses. I’m Not Manic! Definitely NonViolent! And Certainly not a “Substance Abuser”! It’s funny I haven’t cooked with or smoked CBD (Hemp) in over 6months, been two years since cannabis use, last year stopped drinking and 3-4 years now NO Pills! I’m not on Kratum, Not on Spice or K2 or even ICE! It’s sad what’s been said about me!

Click Pic for Hurricane Harvey

Never was involved with White House riots , nope definitely not in a Militia trust me even had been questioned about that! Never ran humans or drugs BTW with my Panga! Never Worked for poachers doing SaltySoulTaxidermy! Never abused my wife unfortunately I did yell a few times and lashed out at a couple cops because I war wrongly accused and no one was listening to me unfortunately did it a couple times but that’s only because I was baker acted twice two years in a row and totally accused of shit I never did! Talk about being setup to fall!

Everyone has a Story! I was trying to protect mine! Not Destroy it!

“Never Give Up! I also don’t believe in Gun Violence”!
What Happens when you try and report a crime on your cell phone? The next day you get arrested! 4/13/22 Arrested for some absolutely horrible stuff! All could have been prevented! True Story By The Way! Bad Cops Suck, Good Ones Rock

Am I the only one seeing market falling? This just means the price gets cheaper. Not a loss but in reality just a chance to get more now for your investment later like life no matter how hard it gets #NeverGiveUp keep investing daily in you for your tomorrow Good Day Ever Day a Great Day is when your still alive 💙🤙

DavidMRamsey #dmr

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