Why Do Bad Cops Suck?

True Story

This is why #BadCopSuck BTW because GOOD Cops would ask questions! So what am I gonna do about it? Spread the word! Because Education is Key to success did I try and get help? YES, did anyone show up? NO did I chase a Cop Car on SPID with Hemp Concentrate in my truck with intent to report a crime yes! Did it cost me 100days in County jail? YES am I enjoying 18 months probation YES! I only have 16 left now! My advice Stay Sober! One thing leads to the next! I’m a Civilian Now , but trust me with my military background I would have asked questions first! Before cuffing and hauling off to county jail! I would have pulled out the Nic kit to test the concentrate before laughing and calling it BHO! It was Live Resin by the way squished from HEMP PLANTS! Why? I was using it along with the 5ounces of HEMP stolen from me to write #hempguidetohealthyeating now I can’t use what helped me with #Anxiety #Depression #Insomnia #ptsd #chronicpain #neurological #disorder but I’m #Sober and definitely hope Good Cops Take Time to talk to Civilians Veterans and Active duty! before they just grab your ass and throw ya in a car and lock ya up! It’s not a Joke! Sure some people would say I needed the correction honestly I would say it’s not gonna hurt working with Veterans NonProfits, Probation Officer Judge, DA , Texas Veterans Commission and Dept Veterans Affairs because we all can learn from this one! Trust me I called for help but no one showed up! Why am I so public? Because HELP is all most people need! So dont let your shipmate down! Fellow Officer Down! Nieghbor Down! husband or wife down! Friend or family! Judges or Attorneys, Corrections Officers or Kitchen Staff! We all fall! I’m thankful to talk about this! Because my solution is simple Show the state I’m Sober! Show my Family and Friends I’m Sober! See my Kids Sober! Be an example of how you can change your life! Rise above pills been off them 4 years, alcohol stopped drinking last fall! Cannabis stopped using that exclusively two years ago because I went to HEMP! Why it’s Called #HempGuideToHealthyEating not #CannabisGuideToHealthyEating I’m focused on a “non medicated version” #HighEnergyHealthyEating true story’s rock

Lots of Lessons Learned Trust me

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