Death By Food Not Me!

It’s just easy to make gives me energy strength and pain reduction vitamins minerals and nutrients simple sliced lemons, the water from my steamed spaghetti squash and white peony leaves just like life what goes in comes out. Find things um you love to do! For me it’s research learning about what goes into my body. And what it helps treat. Lots of health benefits in lemons spaghetti squash and white peony leaves. #highenergyhealthydrinks part of #highenergyhealthyeating and #highenergyhealthysnacks everything you consume either builds you up mentally physically or spiritually or breaks you down! So I do everything I can to #NeverGiveUp #StayAlive because death by food isn’t an option either! #EatToLive not Live to Eat!!! #LivingMyDream is reality #synchronization #suicideprevention #suicidepreventionmonth #suicideawarenessmonth

I eat Trust me!
Be Creative In Life All Of It! The Creator Made us Live your best no matter how Hard! Never give up

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