I wish mine would have stayed with me but I guess all three of them had other plans I served from 1998-2018 got married in 2001 , 2008 , 2016 got divorced 3 times unfortunately married life is hard! But worth it to those who follow the 10 commandments and don’t break the covenant with GOD. I’m not happy about loosing my wives more upset about the time lost with my children and the example there mom and I set. I wish more people would work it out and stay married. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world and we are humans. Hard lessons learned lots of time lost and money waisted on love! You pay for it in the end! So ya better enjoy it while it lasts BravoZulu to those still married! #staymarried #tilldeathdowepart #weddingvows #groomzilla


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