My Secret Recipe

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I get asked all the time how I lost over 100lbs found myself destroyed the negative vibes embarrassing the positive vibes understanding life is living in balance knowing life sucks and is a blessing because inside is outside and living within to be who I was am and will always be loving myself fixing the things that became an anchor grounding myself focusing on everything it cost me the world of flesh my marriage multiple of them. But I kept charging it cost me my body trust me been fully rebuilt my mind was lost but I found it in the darkest moments my soul was my light my divine energy I chose doing good for me so o can be good for others. You either build it up or break it down. Addictive yes loyal absolutely trusting sometimes to much. Honesty aka don’t lie don’t cheat don’t steal don’t hate don’t destroy it unless it’s truly evil! Blessings my friends on your journey to #becomeyou #becomeyourbestself #becomeyourdream #becomerich #becomeamodel #becomemore #becomelegendary DMR @dmramsey IG

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