Proud of Hemp Cannabinoids

One thing I’m also #imgreatfulfortoday #texashempchef #hempguidetohealthyeating #highenergyhealthyeating cooking with #HEMP #SavedMyLife from Suicide Attempts, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, #PTSD, #ChronicPain neurological disorders it gave me energy clear thoughts focus strength the ability to function in public the chance to fight my demons and because it’s from the earth #GodMade when eating it I became a True Believer in #Herbs #PlantBasedHealing you see the plant has essential oils terpenoids & Cannabinoids it helped Lowering blood pressure Reducing inflammation Preventing relapse in drug and alcohol addiction Treating anxiety disorders
Treating gastrointestinal (GI) disorders Preventing seizures Fighting cancer

plantbasediet works eating it worked best! I’m all about the CBD CBG CBC CBN #cbdcbgcbccbn #entourageeffect The entourage effect is a proposed mechanism by which cannabis compounds other than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) act synergistically with it to modulate the overall psychoactive effects of the plant. #THC #THCA #THCO I’ve done my research self funded my mission spend 100days in County Jail for what I believe in! And you know what proud of it! #Texas

After 26 Prescription Drugs as prescribed, 3 lumbar fusions, both shoulders being rebuilt, both wrists, right knee, and cervical fusion I would rather use Plants!

I proudly served my country from 1998-2018 and thankful I can share my journey!


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