Correction Needed?

I would want to work for nueces county jail BTW because she needs a lot of love! I would Get a new job I would consider being a Correction Officer or Work with VetCourt because let me tell ya to read and or see reports of inmate mistreatment or inmates beating CO’s again another example of not enough officers around to many pit bulls! Breaks my heart! I say this because use that force is needed to complete the mission if a CO got beat down obviously they didn’t have support! Not say’n this happened but say’n it could happen. Never should a CO be beat down! For that matter neither should an inmate! The correction facility is hell on both sides you never know when someone wants to pop off! Same with Any job requiring a uniform! Trust me I was a Federal Law Enforcement Officer or part of it for 20 years. So I would say do what ya love! Maybe time for a career change! Honestly jails city county or federal all are horrible! And Need Help! Trust me! I got locked up almost 100 days! I saw more racism and more corruption than you could ever imagine. Including dudes getting there ass kicked over top ramen! CO’s doing corrupt shit! From the Top Down! Not to mention the maintenance or inhumane conditions, as well as shitty ass food service not by the people cooking btw but because the facility needed the upgrade the preparation facility covered in rats and piss and shit! Was definitely addressed while I was a trustee. So honestly Texas y’all need to clean up your corrections facilities because good people make bad choices. Bad choices get ya locked up in hell! Where Bad Cops don’t like Good Cops! And Evil Wins all day long! So I pray for the inmates, Texas and the Departments Of Corrections Facilities as Well as Judges Lawyers and Good Cops! I pray for all of them. I pray the State they might one day know how bad it is and do something to actually help people get corrected. To me the system is designed to keep ya in. After seeing what I saw! Those men and women who work in hell must go home so fucked up I feel for them! Because I know what 20 years did to my family! Trust me! My marriage was ruined! It’s my opinion if I got help sooner it would not have been! I was Not given a chance. Thank God for U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Texas Veterans Commission and the Texas Veterans Treatment Court! Because almost 100 days in hell definitely put me closer to god, and honestly good people get locked up I heard there prayers I hosted prayer call every night I could those who made mistakes, I listened to there crys for help and it opened my eyes to a dark world that needs some serious upgrades! I definitely would consider a job with anyone in this world because to help someone get there life back! That’s just absolutely a blessing! But to destroy that life! Sorry they should get locked up! IMO Good People do hard time! Good Cops work with Bad Ones! So who wins? The System…. Can we change this? Can we help people become sober, successful rehabilitation families??? Can we help them get more resources for successful correction? Be it God, Education, Fitness, Job Training…. Perfect opportunity to save our city! Should start with the Cops who protect and serve! And Lawyers and Judges! And immediately move to equipment and facilities!!!! I love corpus trust me we all make mistakes! I’m just thankful for the opportunity to express the opinions to help and heal! Education before enforcing… IMO DMR ❤️💯🤙😎

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