Truth Be Told

Who’s been up grinding since 2am? Me lmfao! It’s how I heal! Nope not Manic!!!!

Lmfao still can’t believe someone called me that! #FuckYou #BadCopsSuck because Good Cops Rock! It’s called Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD , Neurological Disorder oh yeah I’m not abusing substances and not Violent! Yes will protect my Castle! Yes did some stupid Shit! Yes paying the price for sobriety! Why? Shit cost me my Company, Family, and the past Life! So hears to You GOD! Here’s some real Fucken Talk! Fix yourself Don’t be a Hater, Liar, Cheater! Seriously because some of us still live by the 10Commandments! Oh yeah if he or she loves ya! He or she would never leave ya!

Ya see God Taught me a lot! Judgement Day Comes from GOD! Prayers Go Up, Blessings Come Down! And People they just wanna sit back and watch y’all Fall!

Hey Fuck You if you watched me fall! Because Guess what, I’m alive walking and gonna stand up for what’s mine! Ie that bow gun Utility rack! “pull set gripp” that tournament of bad ass Freedivers and scuba divers Rigsreefclassicspearfishing and yeah My Kids!

I’m sober! And Definitely NONViolent! I might post a lot on “Social Media” but in real Life I’m a Bad Ass who’s been through Hell! Gave it all to God! And Now I’m gonna sit back and watch everyone who tried to destroy my life, eat a Shit filled Sandwich!

Consider this me Calling you Out! From being Setup! To Being Locked Up! I ain’t going down like That!

This Man has Hope, Faith, and Believes God will save him always has always will! So far all my prayers have gone up! And the Blessings they keep coming Down! So thank You God for this amazing Day!

Why am I so full of it these days? Because a lot of people have tried to destroy me! That’s why!

No shit! This is real talk! And I know the truth!

Pay Up …. Square Up!


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