What You Did Becomes What You Do and Are never Give Up

I served from 1998-2018 I retired 100% Disabled 100% Combat Related BMC #Surfman374 running Search and Rescue Rocked! Being a Small Arms Instructor Rocked 240Bravo Machine Gun Rocks! High Value Assets Rock! Human Trafficking and Narcotics AntiTerrorism seen it all Tactical Operation Rocks Homeland Security Rocks! Close Quarters Combat Rocks Defensive Tactics Rock Training the Future Rocked Multi Mission WorldWide Deployable Being About It Talking About It! train Maintain Operate The Life Surf Rescue The Mission Fully Mission Capable True Stories 10-30,000 Rescues Protecting America At All Cost Freedom Aint Free Home Of the Brave Because The Brave … From Crazy Offshore Missions to HurricaneHarvey and every military branch everyone from CIA to ICE DEA to FBI unbelievable Texas Rangers and so many more unbelievable was An epic life working with every body from AirForce NCO to AltusTendo Chief Academy Oregon State Police Marine Academy to Federal Law Enforcement Academy I was trained by the best to do the best…

#AfrasGoldMedal #FVCatherinem

do the best… #rigsreefclassicspearfishingtournament #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #rigsreefsclassic #rigsreefclassic2019 #surfman374 I’ve definitely had a blast from #blacknbluepaintball to Spearfishing tournament always been about the community Gator-Gripp Rack Systems to Outdoor Channel Sportsman Channel #SwampPeople always been about it! From local #outdoorshows to #atashow2020 went hard! #Paintball to gives kids something to do in community to Spearfishin to give everyone something bigger to do… #people #family #community #healing everyone from #oilspills to offshore thrills @dmramsey on Instagram

From Hero To Father did my best still do!
Brotha holding Hadley when she was a baby
Here’s to Chillin in SoTex
Going from this
To this
And that
AFRAS Gold Medal Surfman374
“I will never forget what I did for this company and what it cost me”

2 thoughts on “What You Did Becomes What You Do and Are never Give Up

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