Real stories have wild endings

I’ve been there 20 years of them… 1998-2018 bmc Surfman374 I tried to end my life the night before my retirement ceremony 2018 with pills unfortunately that was the third time I tried first time after my 1st wife left me. 2005/06 She had cheated on me. Second time was after 2nd wife who cheated on me left 2014. Fast forward to hurricane Harvey and all the rescues I was again facing my final surgery before this between 2007-2016 I had both wrists redone, both shoulders, 2 lumbar fusions, cervical fusion, and right knee repair and now still require more surgery because a fracture in neck and compressed disc above below previous cervical fusion thanks to hurricane Harvey btw had my last surgery Mar 2018 then the night before retirement summer 2018 I swallowed the pills I was prescribed I wasn’t ready to face my career being over and felt worthless barely able to walk didn’t know what I was gonna do for my wife and didn’t know what kind of future I would be able to offer being 100% disabled totally over weight fast forward 3 yrs ago 2019 I shook pills 2021 shook the alcohol. Now 6 months sober been here been to the pit of hell lost all of it divorced again I’m not gonna try and end my life! And that divorce happened back in June of this year! I also lost my company gator-Gripp rack systems lost it all because pills I was prescribed I had 10 major surgeries had to learn to walk again twice. Lost 120lbs and came back! And have not looking back! Moving forward! 24/7-365 #afrasgoldmedal #fvcatherinem I will say this in 2018 up to 6 months ago I used Dabs, then Hydroponics, and finally CBD/hemp the last two years till 6 months ago none at all! Last fall stopped drinking and back in 2019 ended all pharmaceutical as prescribed drugs if I can you can! Unfortunately I also ended up in County Jail 100days from April – July 2022 for possession of hemp concentrate unfortunately I tried reporting a crime and was the one who took the fall! True story I called 911, City Police, and the FBI the night before I was arrested unfortunately chasing a cop car on highway then having them follow me home to report the crime the next morning wasn’t the best way to try and get help! Because I ended up being arrested. Yes it was CBD concentrate yes I’m 100% Disabled Yes 100% combat related ptsd anxiety depression insomnia had to
Learn to walk again twice got a gold medal at Whitehouse saved between our team saved 20-30,000lives in 20 years military service on top of that worked human trafficking anti terrorism narcotics I was a federal law enforcement officer small arms instructor had a blast but took pills the whole time. Beat two med boards retired a Chief then get locked up for reporting a true crime what was that crime? Someone stole a bunch of stuff from me while I was gone and the night before arrest while I slept in my own home. Not to mention money and all my edibles I used to make a cook book called HempGuideToHealthyEating so unfortunately a Royal shit show but one I can look back on and know won’t happen again!

Over medication and hated my self this was a year before retirement I believe
Today I feel better I’m sober it cost me everything
But my life means something more now! Single or not 3 divorces or not! I love myself my creator and one day someone will love me! As for my company I’m sure things will balance out! They owe me and my ex wives family a lot! As for life I roll with it now! In South Texas CorpusChristi Texas

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