We can always do better

Don’t fuck up! That’s what I say! It’s easy sober life just find something else to trade it with! Trust me! 20+ years of pills (as prescribed) and then a year of dabs, then hydro, then almost 2 years cooking with hemp! True story, I’m public because lots of lessons learned are often learned from others suffering. Now 6 months sober! And Love this version! Trusting in my Creator! My God! Trust me I was using herbs to get away from the long term use of pills! Was it right? No but it worked, I would say possibly it could have been right because there’s a legal way to use herb in Texas if you have a qualified condition. (Ptsd neurologically I probably qualify as well) Trust me loosing it all wasn’t worth it! I know I lost it all God knows what I went through. On that note I’m sober and have no desire other than say’n hey GOD it Fucken sucks and having faith and hope! Then loving myself! Because no one knows the real pain your in but you and God… and let me tell ya reflecting pain and suffering onto others gets you and them no where! But once god see’s his creation Happy! Your on point so stay focused Never Give Up! Sobriety is worth it! Trust me, even my doctor said I should try it! So I went all in when I retired…. Unfortunately cost me everything. But now I do feel better! Because I’m sober use your resources get the help you need! Mental physical and support groups! But never ever give up! Be the Human you want to be and do it! Almost 4 years no pills now and almost a year no alcohol ❤️🤙💯🙏🏾😎

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