The Ditch Witch

Now on to a cool topic I got this book I’m working on which would be like The Spirit World and Real world coming together kinda like what would happen if Lord of the Rings Met Star Wars. Or The movie Bright meets Special Operations and Deep State

A modern Good Vs Evil but evil finally says enough we are good as well let’s team up.

It’s Called #theditchwitch my goal? Simple Unite Mexico The USA Canada all the Way to South America. Yea it’s spiritual mystical magical but it also would include Military, Mafia, Gangs, and MC’s and all the creatures be it magical or spiritual from the Earth or the Universe… #allinclusive if you will. Just a book in the end that would make an amazing movie. Or series of movies

Special Operations working with Angels Vampires Werewolves Demons Dragons Witches Warlocks Be epic the more sober I become the more I’m drawn to explore what it would take to truly unite the world physically and spiritually honestly it would take being happy and living in harmony.

PTSD is Real #Anxiety is Real #Depression is real #Insomnia very real #sobrietyrocks btw it allows you to truly become a #Creator David Ramsey

We Can Do this!

#HOPE #Faith #Fellowship #Family

#ditchwitchhuntclub operating 24/7 365 #TheDitchWitch #theditchwitchhunt #ditchwitch #ditchwitchhunters #TeamAmerica

Yep love my shirts… @wastefulflavors love this swag #youcantsinwithus #wastefulflavors #wastefulflavorsflag on Instagram his style is so creative I also used his characters in #TheDitchWitch project btw

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