Good or Bad must keep swimming

It’s been a painful year March 20th was the last time I got to see you. This year because of PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, using CBD/Hemp (not drugs, not alcohol) and yes me over reacting after I called 911, City Police, and The Feds I not only spent a 100 days in County but lost my family and time with them in a divorce. Sucks being alone, sucks when all I was trying to do was get help. This cost me everything from family to finances becoming homeless to getting my own place. #Veterans #ActiveDuty #Reserve don’t give up on being honest, don’t give up loving truly with all your heart! And never leave them alone. Being alone is horrible! Not matter how good ya look on the outside it crushes you on the inside! Suicide is NOT the Answer! Neither is Chasing a Cop Car down, or throwing your spouses stuff in the front yard! All things I could have made a better choice over. I lost control, it was my breaking point! What started out as taking some toys to GoodWill and realizing your windows open to a bunch of edibles and CBD going missing with cash ended in my reaction not approved and me getting locked up 100days! I definitely wasn’t running to from the police , never resisted, and definitely wasn’t doing ICE! I was using Cannabis Hemp Marijuana what ever you wanna call it because it helped me! It was better than pills, way better than drinking! What wasn’t good was not seeing my daughter almost a month before I was arrested. Being accused of being manic, on Drugs! Crazy! Having people use my disabilities against me to defame me! Destroy me! Truth is when everyone else could have helped no one showed up! Nothing worse than a hood by letter and eviction notice on a house you paid rent on for 8yrs. Nothing worse than being called a drug addict drunk or fat lazy PotHead! Nothing worse than being told get a job when your the one 100% disabled! Nothing worse than no love. No one coming to save you. Sad yes I made some bad choices but it was only after seeking help and help not showing up! Sad it cost me my life wife kids money house boats all of it for what? A Cookbook called #hempguidetohealthyeating a company called #GatorGrippRacksystems who I was a slave to from day one! And a Spearfishing tournament that was my dream come true destroyed because vivid and lies #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #soberlife amazing #dadlife amazing missing exwife yep! Missing daughter daughters and son absolutely am I a sinner aren’t we all? Am I a saint I dont know if I completed three miracles yet… #sinnersavedbygrace #saintintraining #God has Corrected me! god Saved me God has Blessed me! Cookbook cost me everything to much focus on #bowgunutilityrack cost me time never get back Pot labeled me a drug addict

I just want to see my kids


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