Be Proud Never Give up

Spearfishing Freediving Definitely Saved my life gave me something to focus on

One of the helped me big time two of These creations I’m so proud of! #gatorgripphd #rigsreefclassicspearfishingtournament both taught me to ever give up! One of them I created solo the other took #teamwork and #nationalsupport can you guess which was which? Both became great because I definitely gave it my 100percent focus. It’s the doors the friendships the journey along the way that matters not what you loose what you gain behind the scenes that counts. For every loss comes new gains. Every Action a reaction. Every Success a Failure. The Key is Never Giving Up #NeverGiveUp on your dream always support your future never destroy your relationships never. Lose doors unless they are continually negative continue to destroy you then break away blaze your own trail. #successmindset #mentalhealthwarrior #mentalhealthmatters don’t loose yourself in the process #personaldevelopment #personaltrainer #lifecoach make sure you focus on you and do what’s best for you before ya go helping others and never put anything negative first in your life! For good comes back to good all day all night forgive #forgiveness is key thanks to #Campbellcameras I learned Advanced Outdoor Film and Production which allows me to take photos film and produce what I have and do daily #Surfman374 #TheDitchWitch #HighEnergyHealthyEating #TexasHempChef all part of the master plan maybe one day Gator-Gripp will reward me financially maybe one day #Rigsreefclassicspearfishing will become an event again who knows. I will be proud and am very proud. Unfortunately a lot of people have taken way more than they deserve from me. Fortunately I forgive them because life’s way more important to live and enjoy than dwell and destroy! @dmramsey @instagram and dmramsey1 @twitter as for #HempGuideToHealthyEating that cost me everything so I’m definitely not giving up on talking about Hemp and my success with anxiety depression insomnia ptsd. And becoming anti-suicide from #cannabisindica #cannabissativa #Surfman374 yep proud of Veteranshelpingveterans not veterans destroying veterans! Helping them

CoOwner CMO Silent Partner
Advanced OutdoorFilm Production Course Graduate

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