Come a Long ways

This is a story about Sobriety Accountability and Never giving up! The journey is worth it! Being better for my children and hopefully the woman of my dreams see’s me for who I am now and is understanding enough to love me for who I was then and now! GOD faith and Love is The Answer

Sitting next to my cousin that day I thought to myself what have I done why did I let myself go? I had to face my demons, know my angels were with me and fight harder have faith in GOD inside & outside. Almost 300lbs after 20yrs military 10 surgery’s
185lbs WaterFasting
185 1 meal a Day Dinner Only
185 Never Giving Up

My goal 165-170 feels good to be on this side

“Being proud of my tan line life goals be healthy happy hopeful and have faith with patience love laugh living life” DMRamsey IG DMRamsey1 Twitter

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