Everyone’s said and done something they regret that’s why I still believe in Faith Love Hope and Forgiveness #WWJD forgive what does #God do? #forgiveness daily god forgives us, but why can’t we forgive eachother? Painful when it all falls apart painful when the struggle is real painful when alcohol or drugs over over reaction happens painful when it all feels like it was for nothing. But what not is Forgiving so as honest as I am I forgive all who I upset hurt broke pissed off. Because I hope they forgive there own actions towards me. Real Problems requir le real actions and plans of attack. Real rescues at home take a team of helpers. Real relationships are worth it. Go all in on that. And be real with each other.

Because like that you could loose it all. Make the worse choice on earth and destroy it all.

Trust me I’m not perfect I’m human we all make mistakes I know I have! And I learned from them immediately… be it through sobriety loss county jail struggle is real! And so is forgiving loving and growing

Not every garden is perfect sometimes you have to water it. Add nutrients add more light. Pull the weeds get dirty just be real and never give up! Trust me it sucks

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