Bye Bye Tournament

What was what is what will no longer be… it was my chance to give back to the #freediver #scubadiver #spearfishing #nonprofits but it crushed me. Took a year told hold a one day event. Took time money and effort I no longer have. It took people showing up, and good people enjoying it. I’m thankful the #WorldofSpearfishing embraced me. Thankful for all the companies who donated to my event. Thankful I created a #TexasSpearfishing #tournament but like somethings in life it’s time to walk away. #Love Freediving miss it. Love hunting big fish miss it love fellowship on the water miss it. So now we will see, but I do miss the event the people the smiles. Just wish more would have come from it. Covid-19 whooped all of our tails. It took a toll on my Tournament , My Career Goals with Gator-Gripp. And that crushed my Familytime FamilyLife. It lead me down a dark road one I needed up paying the price for. I lost my cool lost my strength and sent it big time. Unfortunately needed up doing real time for my actions. But it made me look at everything and made me realize to focus on GOD, Me, and Family. Friends come and go. Partners come and go. Work comes and goes. Life keeps going. I’m not giving up on me this time. Just what no longer serves me…. #rigsreefclassicspearfishingtournament rocked #rigsreefclassicspearfishing was my dream. But some dreams just aren’t meant to come true. That one did from 2014-2019 I did my best the last two years it crushed me. I lost myself and a lot of family and friends. But I’m back, sober, and living. With GOD Science, and learning lessons anything is possible don’t give up. Just be willing to change adjust and go harder #DMR #Surfman374 don’t be afraid to let go, because I know a brighter day will come. Storms pass Fair Winds and Following Seas I also miss the #SaltySoulPanga I don’t know what it is about me and boats but I just keep selling them for the wrong reasons lmfao be a ring or to pay off the past to move or to get out of what no longer serves me. Me and boats just can’t seem to find each other. Maybe i just meant to shoot fish at the jetties again. Maybe 20 years towing boats was all the boat I ever needed that was an adventure


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