Bailing Out Popped Smoke

I have “Deleted the Page”! It was definitely an adventure from nothing to the ArcheryTradeShow , SwampPeople , and a bunch of other shows on Pursuit Sportsman Outdoor Channel. A dream come true. But I lost myself, and lead to me loosing more. The Stress can almost kill ya. The Journey to Patent TradeMark new packages new image was brutal. I gave it my 💯 … I did my best. But in the end it was taken from me at my lowest moments my darkest hours. Now I’m Sober and living. What I Learned from it all. People will always do what’s best for themself first. So after 8 years I’m letting go and giving it to my Creator. To focus on a better life with way less stress. It’s hard walking away. I spent 100percent more than I ever got back. But now #Surfman374 must focus on today. Because tomorrow hasn’t happened yet. Hit the website up show love. Support the Company that was my dream. I love the lessons learned. Shoutout to all who believe in something. Never give up. But sometimes learn to walk away. Often times your greatest crash leads to the best future. I wish more than anything the return on the investment of energy time and money would swing my way. But I realized real life is filled with failure, crushed dreams, and epic collapse. It’s what you do after that counts. Never be afraid to push hard. Never be afraid to let it go. Some things are just note that to be. For me, Al I ever wanted was to Be a CoOwner, Chief Marketing Officer, and run a Spearfishing Tournament. But now, I just want to enjoy life, less stress, and focus on GOD, Myself, Family what’s left of tribe circle ⭕️

GatorGripp #GatorGrippHd #gatorgripprms #gatorgrippracksystems #gatorgrippapproved #gatorgripphdracks #gatorgrippicks #gatorgripphdatashow #gatorgrippswag because I’m a Silent Partner unfortunately no longer #CoOwner #CMO @dmramsey it was a blast from 2014-present date… thanks for watching me enjoy my dream in the #outdoorindustry but like everything in life we grow we learn we live we move on… Gator-Gripp Dot Com

CoOwner #chiefmarketingofficer #Patentholder #trademarkowner #CoOwnerLife #BattleBuddies

veteranowners I served with honors in the USCG 1998-2018 I’m proud of #veteranowned


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