Chicken avocado salad

avocadochickensalad done my way mandarin blueberries walnuts papaya cashew coconut chips blueberries mixed greens rotisserie chicken carrots and roasted mini peppers tops with a drizzle of Hemp Honey Honey Mustard and Blue Cheese #highenergyhealthyeating #texashempchef #dmr thanks to @heb I can get fresh with my food #lovemyheb #tossedsalad 💚🤍❤️ Cooking is what I really love thanks to @campbell_cameras I can occasionally film it and take photos #AdvancedOutdoorFilmProduction #filmproduction #broll #uncut sendit be you love it! I’ve been at this #iphoneonly game for a while put down the #dslr and said what can I create with my iPhone? 99% of what I do online is with my #iphone photos videos website all of it. We live in a cool world capture it often share it daily #10K posts is my goal what’s yours? 🔍🧮✂️ sprinkled #trechas lime chili powder from Mexico on top it’s awesome


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