Sober Moments

The people, the stories, the lessons learned. The #prayercalls The #tribulation #webecomewhowearementtobe when God put the chains on me, he knew when to take them off. When ya don’t see day light for 90+ days but once to throw away rat piss and shit covered beans you know your in hell. The belly of the beast a #correctionalfacility designed to #MakeorBreak YOU! The Correction Officers act like they care, but it’s just a Job. The Judges and Attorneys a source of income. The Inmates some will take the second they get the chance. Some will steal. Some will snitch. Some will even be your bitch. Don’t drop the soap. Ain’t no joke. Racism is real when locked up. Everyone plays nice till someone gets pissed. The officers will protect them selves first. The inmates only do what’s best for them selves. Some will fellowship. Some will laugh at ya when you fellowship. The Devil jumps person to person in hell. For me… I’m blessed I’m Family, I’m Open, I’m Honest! It’s #loyaltyoverroyalty it’s being about it, talking about it. I’m thankful for my time locked up. The most sober life I lived since 1998 when I got my first pain pill at BootCamp for a fucked up knee. Till 2019 when I finished the race and didn’t take another pill 26 pill types to many for one body. Add alcohol that was a toxic time bomb. But when introduced to Cannabinoids Terpenoids CBDCBGCBCCBN my life changed for better or worse it saved my life. Plant Based Healing is real. It helped when I screwed up my body hauling shit covered beans and took Tylenol it didn’t work. For once in my life locked up I realized GOD Created these plants, these herbs. What other healing plants and herbs are available? To be continued is my journey #hempguidetohealthyeating #highenergyhealthyeating all attempts to show the world that BIG Pill Companys can help ya post operation Alcohol Companys make great liquid fun. Tobacco industry has mastered the craft of massive production but plant based healing where’s that? It’s not a shot at the facility that houses humans for money! It’s a post to raise awareness of what you do take and drink will cost ya. I may have went about things my way that day. But GODS way is still my way today. So amen to those who fucked up and got caught amen to those who became better. This is my story always been a wild one! From Gold Medal at White House to Matching Cuffs on my wrists and Ankles in County. Shout out to 1P and the Trustee working his butt off to feed clean and take care of the Inmates and Corrections Officers it wasn’t fun. It Fucken sucked but thanks to God My nickname is Preacher now. And PrayerCall Was a Blast Hosting. #TheLegendof374 90+ days locked up sucked. The next 18 month on Probation won’t be so bad. Thank You Veteran Treatment Court. Truly thank You. My charges possession of cannabis concentrations, evading arrest motor vehicle, resisting arrest, wreck less driving. Lessons learned Don’t travel in texas with Herb Concentrate, when they hit the lights don’t go back to your house! When they say do not resist, don’t even wiggle! Just say’n so many have asked what happened well shit hit the fan that’s what happened my story I hope will serve as lessons learned and hopefully will remind ya. COPS a have a JOB! And JAIL SUCKS! So my compass has been corrected I promise! Because this stunt cost me everything including my family! I Know GOD has my SIX i love my Family my Baby Momma and Mommas my Girls My Son! All of y’all! #TheLegendof374 I haven’t drank since last year! Stopped daily use of Cannabis last year (Used HEMP 99% of the last 18mnths) and was able to over come pills after 22 years thank GOD

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