My Mission

iPhone solo doing it

8,756 of 10,000 #postininstagram #dmr writing about witches narcos and drugs gets me lots of attention. My city I love, my country proud of, state never leaving #GoatLockerinc #dmr #theditchwitch #narcopolo #huntingfornextpost #onlineonly what’s it about money? Nope Attention nah… #bucketlistadventures 10,000 of them and sharing it. #loveistheanswer @dmramsey I got goals not loosing women or friends or family or respect just a goal talk about it as much as I can online till I hit 10K then like A few of my accounts that got banned for this adventure even lost my LinkedIn (sucks that was pro level) a few OG’s doing what I do. #BravoZulu spreading love fuck war!


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