For Better OR WORSE

Who would have thought an American Made Dream, would disappear. A Marriage a Child. lives totally changed. No More Texas Spearfishin Tournament, no more Bow, Gun, Utility Rack. In fact what was a Goal to create 10,000 post has turned into my wife taking my child, me loosing everything in my company, me loosing my Tournament. Lost it all since 2018. New daughter I won’t be able to see daily. For what? Posting about things other than hunting and fishing raising awareness for mental health child abuse and relationship struggles. It’s actually amazing how I can go from Gold Medal Winner at Whitehouse to loosing it all over social media posts creative writing poetry and hot topics…

I served 1998-2018 Saved thousands and now I don’t even have from 2014 to date in this home as mine. Because it’s my in-laws so the +100,000k I’ve spent was for nothing as well.


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