Free Written Poetry

I’m just sitting here enjoying myself
Already found myself
Don’t wanna explain myself

I just like my morning walks
I love my deep long talks
I just wanna be free…..

I just wanna be free with youuuuuuu……

I miss those walks together
I miss those talks together
I miss those tears together
I just miss being together

I don’t know if it love I’m looking for, don’t know if it’s a hug I’m looking for…. All I know is I’m tired of looking at our door,

Wondering why and if you come home once more…

DMR #BeachWishes #LoveStories Poems…. #WrittenInTheSandsofTime David Ramsey #Surfman374 #DMRamsey #DMRamsey1 to the one I love and all my children “I love you, Love Is The Answer”!

David M. Ramsey
Corpus Christi Texas
Free written off the cuff…


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