Learn to love y’all!

I HASHTAG # Why because it means something to me, why am I posting & blogging this again? Simple IMO we should all #love and #support each other could you imagine how much greater the #unitedstatesofamerica would be! Then we would really be #united #happiness is why I shared this! Joy and happy even if it’s a “joke”! Because more people need a good laugh these days! More people need some #positivevibes I actually had people unfriend me and send negative comments oh well typical of people who don’t see the bigger picture! For me, it was serving 20 years for a United People! One Nation Under God! It’s so funny, the judgement! Almost as bad as when I posted pics of a bong just say’n. All that did was lead me further out of a rabbit hole and further into total #sobriety #happiness #balance and focus to be better for family, work, and fun life’s to dang short to be negative people need to be happy enjoy a good laugh and get United! That doesn’t always mean supportive! Just humble peaceful and happy stop the negative stop the hate let’s all love


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