Pain VS Anger “The Real Problem” or was it the Herb?

If it’s the United States of America’s, and it’s 2020, why is it not Legal in All States? Why are you subject to arrest in some states but not others? Why can you purchase it legally in some states but not others? Why is it “approved for medical use”, but not in others? Seems pretty sad we live in the


States of America and everyone can’t enjoy the same benefits. This is in My Opinion only, and before you judge my opinion know this I am Totally Sober! I don’t even use “cbd”!

What’s sad is I can get a prescription of

Pain Pills
Muscle Relaxers
Anti Depressants
Sleeping Pills
Intimacy Enhancement Pills

To treat PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Mobility, Energy, Diet, Mental Health, Physical Health, Pain Management all long term!

Even though it’s been proven long term use can lead to a string of horrible side effects.

So I said no to 💊 and don’t drink much at all anymore. Use nothing. Drink water, and Walk. But the sad reality is this! I feel that it wasn’t the Green Herb that made me crazy, after speaking with Doctors in fact it was Pain! Pain daily lead me to Anxiety about not being able, Pain Daily Lead me To Depression, Pain Daily created Insomnia, Pain Daily Made, and Makes me Angry! Pain Daily Effects my goals, my ability! Pain Daily doesn’t allow me to be male, doesn’t allow me to be 100%! Sure I’m 100% Disabled, but how can you let that be the final answer. Because being active, eating healthy, drinking water does help! But I tell you what Six months later I feel like shit! Six months later I’m in more pain now more than ever! 6 months later Aleve Back & Muscle, Aleve PM, and Melatonin don’t help me sleep as good. Turmeric, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Biotin, D3, and B12 don’t help me as much as one thing did. It’s sad we live in 2020 and everyone can’t enjoy the same freedom others can!

Because I Defended Freedom 20 years, I saved 100’s of 1000’s of Live’s! And Now I’m in pain and nothing else works.

Pain that caused the “suicide attempts”, pain that caused the attitude, caused the problem, caused the anger, anxiety, depression, insomnia, doesn’t mix well with PTSD, and truly overwhelmed me! Daily it’s a Battle! Daily it’s a Struggle, my recommendation make sure you surround yourself with love and support. Make sure you don’t push yourself harder than you need too! Make sure you enjoy every great day, and embrace the shitty ones! Make sure you do what’s right when no one is looking! Pills will destroy you! Alcohol will destroy you! Use with Caution as Prescribed can destroy you! Life’s to short to not enjoy it! So why can’t we all have the Same Liberty, and Justice for All? Freedom ain’t Free, ain’t that the truth! Some gave all, all gave some stands true! But you better square up, because it’s a hard life and tuff enough! IMO this is just my side of the story. Been a Tuff 22 Years since June 1998. Sure I made a Choice to Become a Surfman, and with that Choice came Sacrifice. A Sacrifice which lead to my cross to bear my burden to live. My life now. I just wish everyone felt the same on this topic. Happiness and Love People.

By the way I’m still sober and yeah did attempt suicide 3x’s but now, with 3 girls a Boy, a Wife and a Better life ahead That’s never gonna be on my radar ever again! Choices made also lead to lessons learned. For the Record, Pot, bongs, vape towers, bowls, joints and Dabs never made me “crazy”! Pain Did! Pretty Awesome Fact, I got more Medal in my Body than in my ShadowBox. Although it would be cool to have more Gold like the AFRAS Gold Medal I got.

Click Photos Below to see some Amazing Videos, I write this with One Goal Happiness Love and Healing! #Surfman374 it’s about the journey and sharing it! To help others. Make sure you always read my comments in my videos descriptions it’s what saved me and IMO only. Pain created Anger! PTSD came from doing my Job! “Freedom Ain’t Free y’all! And this was my sacrifice is my sacrifice”! 22 Pushups a Day is Real! 3x’s I tried to attempt suicide with pills! Because I “thought” i was done! Thank god I wasn’t! Because life’s better now!

What I did
What I did
Pain vs Anger 22
Both Shoulder’s
My career
Half my Neck
Even more now L3-S1

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