The Ditch

I’m thinking about running the boat from Corpus Christi, TX all the way down to and up Brownsville Ship Channel and back!

How simple via the ICW of course because I want to target Snook, Tarpon, Reds, Trout, Hogs, & Nilgai might even push out to the humerus and shoot some dinner might require staying a night or two on the boat maybe 3-4 who knows! Is Anyone interested? The Ditch

Must be willing to split food, gas, and ice and bring own bean bag, rifle, and fishing gear. It’s 160’ NM each Way. 320 NM total I’m tired of being stuck at home just say’n.

Way I see it we get ice in corpus we’re good till Port Isabel TX then fill back up for return.

80-100gallons fuel burn total I can take 70 gallons (in total each way if needed)! 40 in fuel cell 30 in cans equals a 315-420 mile range

Fuel bill might be $250.00 at most food bill could be as cheap as we want it. I have some spots I’m checking on for Nilgai and we got plenty of great fishing

Must be legal to hunt and fish in Texas! Just say’n! And tuff enough to sleep
Outside and deal with the summertime breeze and sun this is a Maiden trip although I’ve ran 90% of this in sections

The Ditch is what Some call it, others Call it The ICW. The LandCut, Laguna Madre, Baffin Bay, the Islands. It provides 160nm of Fishing, Sight Seeing, Hunting, and Fresh air.

I call it My Happy Place

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