2020 Hit List Update



(Spearos Helping others Harvest a Fish to prevent loss of fish and harm to divers is authorized)

1. Dates – Aug 13 6am – Aug 15th 5pm

Scale OPENS 530pm – 7pm 15th Aug 2020 Marker 37 Marina

13317 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78418

Contact Dave Ramsey (503) 298-0592 or Niccole Ramsey (361)-779-2978 with questions we except PAYPAL and or Debit| Credit


*Top Women SPEARO
*Top Youth SPEARO age 0-17

How do you earn topspearo? Get your name on the board most

*FRESH WATER FISH Division 1st, 2nd, 3rd any Legal Fish

*Pelagic Division
Amberjack / African Pompano
Wahoo / Mahi / Tuna / King Mackerel
Cobia / Grouper / Snapper Other

*Coastal Division
Red Snapper (If open)
Snapper Other / Grouper / King Mackerel
SheepHead / BlackDrum / Flounder  

What’s Snapper Other? – I am referring to your other snapper class , cubera , grey snapper , dog snapper

(* prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place points per pound all legal limits per species apply can not exceed daily bag limits state/federal rules apply)

Scenario – Spearo A brings in 56lb amberjack + 40lb cobia + 12lb Cuberra Snapper = 108lbs Pelagic Division VS Spearo B brings in 57LB amberjack 12LB Red Snapper = 69lbs  Spearo A wins\\  All fish must be entered into proper division. Multiple Divisions allowed per entry.

Coastal Fish Harvested cant be entered as Pelagic Division (Coastal is All Coastal Waters within State of Texas. {NON FEDERAL WATERS/ NON FRESH WATERS).

8. Whole or Gutted FISH, will be weighed! In the Event of a Tie! Earliest Fish turned in wins!

9. PreRegistration $60.00 Date July 31st!

10. Aug 1st – 13th $75.00.

In the event of a Cancellation Back Up Date will be Sept 14th 2019.

(***All Remaining Prizes Donated will be Auctioned online via Facebook Page for Rigs & Reef Classic and 100% of Funds Raised will remain with event )


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