Technology the future will blow your mind

Chapter 22:

TheFirstAge “is from the beginning of the human race, that is, from Adam, who was the first man that was made, down to Noah, who constructed the ark at the time of the flood”, i.e. the #Antediluvian period.

TheSecondAge “extends from that period on to Abraham, who was called the father indeed of #allnations”.

TheThirdAge “extends from Abraham on to #David the king”.

TheFourthAge is “from David on to that captivity whereby the people of God passed over into Babylonia”.

TheFifthAge is “from that transmigration down to the advent of our #Lord #Jesus #Christ”

TheSixthAge: “With His [Jesus Christ’s] coming the sixth age has entered on its process.”

What is the 7th age of the world?

TheSevenAge , just as there are seven days of the week, with the Seventh Age being eternal rest after the #FinalJudgement and #EndTimes, just as the seventh day of the week is reserved for rest.

Enlightenment #Sirius, also called #AlphaCanisMajoris or the #DogStar, brightest star in the night sky #CanisMajor.

Sirius key star for #Egyptian astronomers. The Gods were AnteDiluvian and goddess Isis, the Egyptian name for Sirius was #Sopdet, the deification of #Sothis. There is a line penned by the Greco-Roman scholar Plutarch which states: “#ThesoulofIsis is called ‘Dog’ by the Greeks.” #TheAtlantisStory #ZawyetElAryan hmm real life northern lights? Like some stargate stuff 🧐 #thevisitor polynomial tetrahedral structure a sphere the moon temples what’s user the Osiris Shafts? Mysteries the crytals use harmonic oscillators to cut the white powder of gold just some fun poetry because I know things that’s why with consciousness and beyond the positive and negative rods levitation

The symbols are above you in the order of the Garter #ISIS #RA #EL fun fact #GODSofANTIQUITY represents a sampling of images of ancient deities from a variety of cultures dating to the earliest period of representational art to pinnacle of Classical civilization. Included are the major deities of the Egyptian cosmology, Osiris, Nut, Isis, Anubis, Ptah, and Bastet. The banners of living Knights of the Garter hang in the Quire of St George’s Chapel but those of deceased Knights are, following presentation at the High Altar in the Chapel, displayed publicly or kept privately depending on family wishes. #asabovesobelow #symbolism #symbolized #symbolic #vedas #zawyetelaryan #tetragrammaton #TheCosmos #thestarofdavid #secretsociety or #extraterrestrial #alien or #god #et or #angel good being or #demon #watchtower or #watcher #creator or #influencer #mindcontrol or does something control your mind? #spiritualawakening or #crystalskull trans consciousness communication devices I’m I #freewriting about free masonry or Star gates? #theroyalarchdegree most don’t care to look into the seven liberal arts but as I said I’m an educated sea going sailor lmfao 😂 truth spent a lot of time in the ocean’s pacific gulf Atlantic alaska seen alot of crazy stuff also brings influence beings but that’s all I will say about that

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Spearfishing Talk
Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament
Salty Soul Taxidermy
Gator-Gripp Rack System
David Ramsey












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