I believe in America

When it comes to #NationalSecurity I don’t think we should shutdown any #FederalAgency #StateAgency #CityAgency I think we should #FundTheAgency #TrainTheAgency #UseTheAgency #TheCompany #TheFirm #TheFoundation to protect the #American #Family #TheFamily #TheOrder #TheChaos

To me “all in’ means – Gracious God, help us to love each other fervently. Grow our love so deep that it is able and willing to overcome and forgive a multitude of misgivings. Inspire a spirit of hospitality in each of us and enable us to cheerfully share our home . We acknowledge that you have given each of us spiritual gifts.

familytime #GOD and living laughing loving #DADLife that’s the most important thing today…. #EveryDay #everywhere #IMO #FYP #Surfman374 #TripleDigitHunter #PoetryOfAHero it’s what you do with it that matters most! #LoveIsTheAnswer not fighting… not War 🖤💀🏴‍☠️☠️⚓️🏁🧜‍♂️ but #Love #NeverGiveUp what you love #AbolishTheFBI nah better fund them! #poetryofahero “trust me, America Kicks Ass” because men & women who serve, served, or will serve! GODBlessAmerica and all who defend Her…. Amen!

I pray everyday for peace in our homeland!

Definitely pray for those who protect our homeland! Our Freedom of Speech our freedom of religion our right to bare arms. To go hunting fishing camping hiking listen to music travel enjoy live laugh love! What I don’t believe in is people who don’t believe in Loving Our Nation! Because a lot of men and women have died for the freedom I have! A lot of families don’t celebrate church or holidays with loved ones because the sacrifices made! So while your relax and enjoy SundayFunday remind yourself you still live in the greatest nation on earth!

Abolish bullies, haters, hackers, trolls, thieves, cheaters, liars! Abolish evil! IMO

And better funding training and the men and women who protect us! GOD bless ya and your families

We all have Human Rights no matter what color you are, what school ya went to, what job ya have! But who am I? I’m just a dad trying to see his kids again who lost it all! For posting online lmfao 😂 GOD is GOOd so am I! Legacy Brand Trademark all for my future and yours! Made in America should be protected! I am grateful for the city, state, and federal agency’s who protect me! Love you all! Thank You for your sacrifice service and selflessness 🖤☠️⚓️💀🏴‍☠️🏁🧜‍♂️

loyalty #Family #GOD 💀⚓️🖤🏴‍☠️☠️#nation and doing what we love #spearfishingtalk rigsreefclassicspearfishing.com #dmr @rigsreefclassicspearfishing @surfman374 and yes I post a lot! Because one day, it all comes true! I’m American we do what we believe in, stand for, and live for! FAMILY GOD and Spearfishing and sharing it on @instagram 🏁 good now I made that and GOD bless my #babymommas our kids and life! 🌳 my family tree #theramseyfamily rocks just say’n I might have a few exwives but I got awesome kids ☠️🧜‍♂️🤙💯🎶🆙🌀♐️🔥

I post about love and positivity not hurricanes and fucking up my city! I love corpus family and god! And spearfishing sober! A beer would be nice a drink would be cool! But I’m on probation and that’s for real! For being real btw talking truth not hate! #SpreadingJoy2023 since 2009 on Facebook btw before that MySpace before that I would pager her lmfao before that box phones, before that Atari before that getting my ass whooped for jumping on the trampoline naked lmfao swimming back to the dock and getting duct taped to trees because my cousins rocked 😂 that’s back when we use too protect pine straw forts with Roman candles and have bbgun fights lmfao 😂 before that born in alaska 1.6oz 3 months premature lmfao in a catholic hospital hahahaha well that sums up my life! Love my exwives because we got kids to raise! BTW and miss my kids and family

Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament
Spearfishing Talk
Gator-Gripp Rack System
Salty Soul Taxidermy
Texas Veterans Commission
US Department of Veterans Affairs

And yes Caitlynne Curtis is the hottest female artist Most kick ass mom singer I know! So god bless her and Jonah! BTW #MomLife she nailed it! Me I’m still learning #DadLife and paying #childsupport for kids I don’t ever see lmfao oh well Atleast I love what I created ☠️🌀🔥🤙🎶💯🌹 I got a rose for a bad ass boss woman! Who loves her KING 🤴 stands beside her KING 👑

She actually taught me to love myself and respect my self! I’m not a fan I’m in love with her and what she represents she’s a real woman! #Queen so thanks Caitlynne and Jonah because y’all saved my ass! Taught me to not give up on me because r my kids…. 🏁 what y’all gonna censor this to? Accuse me of more shit I didn’t do! Lmfao 🤣

Roses are red, I don’t always wear blue, everytime I jump in the water I think of you! #LoveYou #MOMlife you taught me to love and respect #women myself and to always do my best for my kids #Dadlife taught me to take care of my #family hunting fishing hardwork! #militarylife taught me america loves you in uniform and gives zero fucks about ya when you retire 🖤💀🎼⚓️☠️🎶🏴‍☠️🎵🧜‍♂️🤙🏁 #veteranlife has taught me it can cost you your wife kids dog forever home #panga #Lancha Company hobbies passion this road ain’t easy! #noOnecares about #AmericanHeroes just #footballplayers #baseballplayers #soccerplayers and the #Olympics hell you know I use to work at the #specialolympics just ask Oregon, and Washington what’s sad is everyone loves ya when you get the #AfrasGoldMedal at the WhiteHouse or bring there family home from 50’ seas, 20’ surf 100mph winds and hurricanes. But no one cares when you loose it all…

Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament
Spearfishing Talk
Gator-Gripp Rack System
Salty Soul Taxidermy
U.S. Coast Guard
Texas Veterans Commission
US Department of Veterans Affairs
Toyota USA
Arrow Exterminators

Or do they actually give a fuck? I’m still waiting to see who’s actually gonna say I’m sorry pay me back and unfuck this shitshow lmfao 😂 (if I tagged you means I still Love you) BTW I even love Greg Abbott he’s a bad ass! Caitlynne Curtis she is the most epic mom ! Archery Trade Association – ATA because y’all picked my product Top5 when we showed up! #GatorGrippHD and Swamp People on History because Ronnie Adams from Swamp People has my phone number and we use to talk shop and shit all the time! The swamp is a fun place! But offshores the best place! The lakes are okay! The raging rivers are bad ass! I grew up whitewater kayaking and rafting! The mountains will teal ya how to be a #RealHorseMan this flat plans flat land crap anyone can ride on that! Big waves make great sea stories! Btw! #PoetryOfAHero #BigWaveDave #BD #Cowboy hell I’ve even been called asshole and mother fucker! Just don’t fuck your mother that’s nasty! I’m a man a Chief a Veteran I love writing my exwives and all my kids God spearfishing and America 🇺🇸 also love archery hunting been doing that 30years! Rifle hunting 30yrs! Spearfishing half my life! Freediving most of my life! Married? Can’t seem to keep ‘em! I wish because divorce sucks! Trust me it’s cheaper to keep her lmfao 😂 I love them they know it! I just told them on FaceTime btw


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