What’s actually sad

Literally isn’t social media supposed to be a place we can create share enjoy our life? What we believe in built or love?

What’s sad is I post how I healed, got sober, who I love, what I love, what I built because I’m thankful love god, Family, and providing. Hunting fishing healing and I loose it all… #poetryofahero #wolvesofthemetaverse #firstcamewaterthencamefire #SpreadJoy2023 #dadlife #loveistheanswer #DMR #cheatersneverwin #dontcheatyourself as in the game of life! Live•Laugh•Love

and here I am just trying to be a good dad, husband (now ExHusband ugh) and veteran who never gave up…. But lost it all

“I just wanna be happily married, see my kids, have a forever home, boat, and go spearfishing”! #spearfishingtalk #Texas #love #veteran

Sober, & Healing still got that going for me 🖤☠️💀🏴‍☠️⚓️🏁

dadlife #spearfishingtalk #surfman374 #saltysoultaxidermy #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #DMR #lostAllMyMoney #noForeverHome #nowife #HeyGOD what’s up? You gonna let #theDevilWin ? I’m not gonna let the devil in! This is my vessel, filled up with the #HolyGhost #spiritualwarfare #spiritualwarrior #spiritualjourney

Is it because I believe in GOD I lost everything? Well that’s fucked up! Is it because I served 20 years for america? Wrote a Fantasy Story called #TheDitchWitch which by the way is based off Ezekiel 13 “Against the Witches”! I mean the Bible talks about giants! And fighting demons and shit. The worlds full of people who talk about what I do. Why did I get the shitshow? I love ya GOD but this devil down here really sucks lmfao 🤣 I can’t wait for your angels to teach this one a lesson! #SONOFGOD i am and Sober my eyes are often blood shot because I still only sleep 3-4hrs a night wierd as fuck I know. As for energy I’m telling ya! GOD did something to me! I feel it! Heck yall see how much I write ✍️ I’m creative love blogging but damn y’all miss my kids would actually love a life partner of the human female species lmfao 🤣 and definitely looking forward to a better life one day!

And y’all wonder why I’ve been captain Fucken positive since 2009 when I did my first post BTW! Only took 14yrs to get fucked over totally lmfao 🤣 a few times

I actually love my family but miss them! Proud of the moms who are making this weekend happen for our kids that’s for damn sure ⚓️💀🖤🏴‍☠️🌹🏁 I would give them all roses if I could #love #creative #energy #people #blogging #sleep

Welcome home #skypeople we are #earthpeople wait till ya meet #waterpeople lmfao 🤣 #saltysoultaxidermy #spearfishingtalk #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #rigsreefclassic #surfman374 #spiritualwarrior #heygod did ya know god made “ #angels #jinn and #human btw

Just say’n God created both the seen world and the unseen world. Among God’s creations in the unseen world are the Angels and the Jinn. The ‘Jinn’ are supernatural creatures that exist in a world parallel to our own. Almost every culture boasts stories and legends of unseen creatures. We know of Jinn and the unseen world because of their numerous mentions throughout the Bible, Torah, Dead Sea Scriptures, Holy Quran, and narrations of our last and final Prophet, Muhammad peace be upon him. Jesus probably Dept with them lmfao and The Holy Quran features a full chapter named ‘The Jinn’. It is an obligatory part of our Islamic creed to believe in the unseen world and Jinn.
Contrary to popular belief, Jinn are not ghosts in the sense that they are souls or spirits of dead people, nor can dead people return to this world in any form after they pass away. These beliefs come from ancient folk tales and fantasy. Like many other things, Islam explains the realm of the unseen and the world of the Jinn which help us come to understand many modern-day mysteries. #christians #Muslim #jews (same team) either you believe in GOD or Ya DONT! Your either GOOD or BAD💋

““And We did certainly create man out of clay from an altered black mud. And the jinn We created before from scorching fire” (Quran 15:26–27)

same stories different books just say’n 🏴‍☠️🏁🖤☠️💀 #DadLife

familytime to me is the most important thing on earth.

What effect’s family time #MilitaryLife
What makes families better, #Connection
What heals families #Love
What destroys families #socialmedia
What makes families whole again #prayer

“the Family that prays together stays together”.

In my opinion social media allowed me to grow Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament a beautiful #spearfishingtournament

Gator-Gripp Rack System an awesome product trust me my names on patent #GatorGrippHD #PullSetGrip #PSG

Salty Soul Taxidermy an awesome #hobby
I actually went to #SaltySoulTaxidermy school got certified in LifeSize, Birds, Fish, Shoulder Mounts, & Habitat Construction

Spearfishing Talk my journey as a U.S. Coast Guard #Surfman and Freediving
Founding rigsreefclassicspearfishing.com to loosing it all thanks to socialmedia #SpearfishingTalk love is the answer

TheDitchWitch a fancy book I wrote about GoodVsEvil “let me tell ya posting research online I got accused of #WitchCraft lmfao I’m actually more a Christian, with a stronger belief in #TheSpiritWorld thanks to being a LifeMember to the NAC #nativeamericanchurch as well as #knightsofcolumbus & #CatholicDisciple #discipleship that’s also a hot topic because I studied the #Torah #Quran #Bible as well as 30years worth of everything from the 40 flood stories to the 4200 religious practices today. From #antediluvian an·te·di·lu·vi·an


of or belonging to the time before the biblical Flood.
“gigantic bones of antediluvian animals”

Why because my DNA my #spiritualawakening and #spiritualjourney

Yes lost 80lbs after 1st surgery, 135 after this 10th, ain’t had pills in over 4 yrs I retired after 20yrs in 2018. yes I reported cannabis use to the US Department of Veterans Affairs in 2019, I also report Hemp use when I ended cannabis in 2020/21. Then in 2022 reported #sobriety they’ve had MyBlood they know the truth and thanks to Texas Orange Team know I’m healing and sober. Texas Veterans Commission god bless your journey mine shouldn’t have cost me everything but GOD has a Plan. GOD Bless my Kids that’s my #WHY all I wanted when I retired In 2018, enjoy what I created, spend more time with family, live sober… enjoy the legacy #DadlIfe “thankful three of my four got to be reunited this weekend”! I just wish I could have been there. 🧜‍♂️🖤☠️🏴‍☠️💀⚓️🏁


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