HolyMarriage, Sex&Gods ?

In addition to the goddess of war, Inanna is the goddess of love and sex, and practically everything about her contains this force of desire.
Sex was not just a righteous thing, but also a celebration of life and a way of worshipping the gods and ensuring fertility and abundance of the earth.
Love related to Inanna, therefore, was physical, carnal, sexual love, in three facets: sex for reproduction (as survival and creative energy), sex for pleasure (sensual or wild) and sex as sacred ritual (as a means of knowledge and encounter with the divine). Eroticism was an essential aspect of urban life and harmonious marital relationships were based on sexual satisfaction*. Isn’t joy really the joy of life?
The priestesses of the temple of Inanna performed sacred sex, which was degrading as prostitution by other essentially patriarchal peoples, who did not bore the sacred and transcendent aspect of ritualistic sex and, above all, the power given to those women. Inanna represented sexual freedom, without reins or brakes, in an essentially male society. It is also interesting to remember that she transmuted into other genders, male or hermaphrodite, being, for these reasons, venerated by transvestites, sex professionals and women of free sexuality in general.
In addition, every year, during Akitu, the festival celebrating spring, there were holy and profane orgies, watered down with lots of beer, and the king would be sexually attached to a priestess of the temple of Inanna, as a symbol of the union of temporary power and sacred power, also ensuring perpetuation of this ancient cult. This is party time people!
This ceremonial sex is based on Inanna and Dumuzid’s wedding ritual, recorded in erotic texts, portraying Inanna’s preparation before the act itself and full of metaphors of desire:

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Sumerian people gather at the palace.
The king raises a throne for the queen of the palace.
He sits next to her on the throne

to care for the life of all lands,
The exact first day of the month is scrutinized
And on the day the moon went down,
On the moon’s sleep,
Divine decrees are carried out perfectly,
For New Year’s Day, the day of rites,
May it be properly determined
And a bed is made for Inanna.

People clean their reeds with cedar scented oil,
Make a bed with the reeds,
Lay a bridal veil over her
A bridal veil to cheer the heart,
A bridal sheet to make the bed soft,
Wedding sheet for Inanna and Dumuzid

The queen bathing her sacred womb,
Inanna bathing her sacred womb for Dumuzid,
She washes herself with soap.
Spread cedar scented oil across the floor.

The king goes with his head held high toward the holy womb,
Dumuzid walks with his head held high toward the holy womb of Inanna
He lays next to her on the bed
He caresses her tenderly, murmuring words of love:
“Oh my holy jewel ! O my Wonderful Inanna !!! “

After he enters his sacred vulva, making the queen rejoice,
After he enters his sacred vulva, making Inanna rejoice,
Inanna holds him and whispers:
“Oh Dumuzid, you are indeed my love!” “

The king commands the people to enter the grand hall.
People bring bowls and food offerings.
Burn ginger resin, perform washing rituals
and stack up fragrant incense.

The king embraces his beloved bride
Dumuzid hugging Inanna
Inanna, sitting on the royal throne, shines bright like daylight.
The king, like the sun, shines brightly by your side.
He bestows abundance,exuberance and abundance to her
He will gather the people of Sumeria

Musicians play for the queen:
They play loud to dampen the south storm,
They play to bring joy to all people,
They play Inanna songs to cheer the heart.

The king stretches his hand to eat and drink,
Dumuzid extends his helping hand to eat and drink.
The palace is having a party The king is happy
In this pure and clean place, they celebrate Inanna with song.
She’s the joy of the party, the joy of Sumeria!

People spend their day in abundance
The king is before all with great joy.
He greets Inanna with the praises of the gods and the gathered population:
“Holy Priestess! made of heaven and earth,
Inanna, First Daughter of the Moon, Lady of the Night!
I sing your praises! “

My Lady looks in awe.
Sumerian people parade in front of the sacred Inanna.
Our Lady Ascension Inanna is radiant
Powerful, majestic, radiant and forever young –
To you Inanna i sing!

And so, this Friday, Venus-Inanna day, I conclude this series of posts about Her. It’s Friday, friends!

*DOUBLE UP, Simone. “The Domains of Inanna: Remains of a Cult of the Sacred Female in Mesopotamia”; **DOUBLE, Simone. “The hierogamy of Inanna and Dumuzi”.
Ritual recount adapted from: KRAMER, S. N. ; CLOUDSTONE , D . “Inanna, queen of heaven and earth”; KRAMER, S. N. “The sacred marriage rite of Dumuzi-Inanna.”

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