Do what ever it takes

poetryofahero #tripledigithunter #surfman374 #dmr #dadlife #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #spearfishingtipsandtricks “do what you love, care about, are passionate about! Dont fuck people over help them grow! “ #GOD #FAMILY #LOVE #people #help people “living selfless not selfish!” With GoodOrderDiscipline! I definitely appreciate the women in my life! #ManUp #men #WomenOfWisdom #MotherNature #fatheruniverse #GROWTH comes from Chaos and Order

DADLife The Heaviest Cross I’ve carried GOD a has my Six!
My Life’s A True Story of love forgiveness sacrifice “RiseUp”! NeverGiveUp DMR

Well I learned from my exwives, and read a bunch! Love my kids, and got sober! #DadLife #GOD Family that’s what is important, and getting my money lmfao 😂

How else will I provide? #Brand #Legacy #TradeMark #MakeYaFamous #poetryofahero “will it?” …. Depends on your opinion, what’s famous? #AfrasGoldMedal #Rigsreefclassicspearfishing #gatorgripphd #pullsetgrip #saltysoultaxidermy #spearfishingtalk #blacknbluepaintball #tripledigithunter #dmr “or is it helping others grow?” #SelflessService #actsOfKindness #Spreadjoy2023 it surely isn’t covering it up! Destroying another for your own profits! Spreading lies, rumors, running a smear campaign! It’s about telling the truth! I will be about that! Sober! #HempGuideToHealthyEating #HighEnergyHealthyEating #TexasHempChef funny I used #cbd to heal! Yep, no alcohol over two years! Ño cannabis over two years no hemp a year! No prescription drugs since 2019!


And last attempt (3rd time sucked) was 2018! So no I’m not gonna end my life! But I’m gonna talk about my journey! Because I’m alive! And the only one who deserves happiness is me, my family, my friends! GODBLESS why did I try to end my life? Lost #selfRespect #selfLove #passion and thought if I wasn’t able to be loved by another and wasn’t good enough to provide fuck it I’m out! Lmfao 😂 told ya I was honest! It’s called #Anxiety #Depression #insomnia #ptsd it happens to men and women who lay down their lives for yours!

Play with your balls 🏀 ⚽️ 🏈

Learn to love us not fuck us over BTW! Makes going home way easier (yes I’ve been cleared by the church, state, government to talk about this)! So fuck you pay me 😂 show me the money, now that’s what I’m talking about! I need to buy a house boat and some shit so I can have fun! I’ve earned it that’s for sure! Tell ya one thing, marriage is a financial contract! Not a VOW! Because when you take your vows it’s between GOD, YOU, Your partner! You break that, IMO your fucked! Lmfao 😂 you violate a marriage your really fucked…. True story, if ya get fucked say sorry forgive your self then others! Self respect means ya don’t cheat steal or lie btw! No disrespect towards my exwives! We got beautiful kids! But I would take one of them back! Because I loved them all! Unless Gods got a badass woman for me! Then hey god hook me up! I’m ready … obviously I’m honest! Loyal faithful and true! What 20 yrs service taught me! Trust me I ain’t no Angel! I’m human we fuck up! And I man means we really are capable of fucking up!

MomLife to all the queens who keep it real love ya ladies! “TeamWork” ! I post because it heals btw! Trust me! UncleSam knows! And that woman and her family and friends taught me to be about it talk about it! BTW so yes I’m capable of learning I read and post because it’s about being better doing better!

God Bless MOMLIFE & DADLife

I’m a creator, I created it! It’s mine! ❤️🤍💙

DMR rigsreefclassicspearfishing GatorGrippHD PullSetGrip SaltySoulTaxidermy spearfishingtalk DadLife rigsreefclassicspearfishing

What do i believe in? THAT! TripleDigitHunter blacknbluepaintball was fun! Btw, built that because kids were killing themselves! #DontKillYourSelf
I sure as heck won’t because I love my kids! And I’m Sober! #dmr #surfman374 I just wanna enjoy retirement and get my shit back! Lmfao 🤣


And go fish hunting! I definitely earned it!

By now I should have a home, boat, and happiness…. #LiveLiveLaugh and a bank account that’s stacked! Lmfao 😂 gas money ain’t cheap when ya hunt offshore!

pullsetgrip #blacknbluepaintball #spearfishingtipsandtricks do what ya love and talk about it! #tripledigithunter #saltysoultaxidermy #spearfishingtalk #Rigsreefclassicspearfishing #gatorgripphd #momlife #dadlife #parentalalienationawareness it should be illegal to not see our kids! (Click Hashtags)

Someone’s telling the truth! It’s me! I built it all! Because I love my life, GOD, and what I do! And I’m sober! Keep testing me Texas

US Department of Veterans Affairs has been pulling my blood since like 2019/2020 they know what I did and what I’m doing! God bless Texas Veterans Commission BTW I got my VA benefits because the #BDD program works! It’s called benefit delivery at discharge program! 6 months before ya get out you submit your medical records to the VA through your state agency and when ya retire BAM it happens fast! Just say’n #Surfman don’t fuck around we square up, back down, and wait for the lull! Because the series will whoop your ass! God Bless Texas, CorpusChristi and CCPD! I know my community loves me!

I just like to raise the flag for veterans and cops because we all have to go home! And our families ain’t qualified nor our jobs to save us! Get help as needed! Be about it! It’s your choice to heal! I’m just telling you how I did it! My why? FAMILY! KIDS! best Life my how? Talk about it! When? Everyday! Why, it worked for me! Where the doctors office lmfao! Who qualified people! What? Because life is worth it!

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